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1.1 (20.10.95)


Franz-Josef Reichert


Can you sleep in the same room when your computer is on?  I can not!  The
harddisks make too much noise.  Well, the power supply fan makes noise,
too.  But since I got a temperature controlled model, I can stand it much
better.  And there's another problem.  The power led.  Yes, it's so bright
that I can read books!

Speaking of SCSI harddisks, there is a mechanism to switch the motor off. 
It will just stop to spin as if you switched your computer off.  But the
drive is not dead.  It's just q-u-i-e-t.  It won't allow you to read or
write data, though.  But the controller electronic on the harddisk is still
alive, and it might get a command to restart the drive at any time.  Then
it will behave just as if you switched your computer on.  The motor will
spin up again, and the drive will be ready to read or write data.

This little program does exactly this.  It monitors all read and write
accesses to the drive.  It also monitors all input events.  If there is
inactivity for a certain period of time, it will spin down the drive motor
and dim the power led.  If the next command arrives, it will spin up the
motor and switch to led back to bright.


A SCSI harddisk


Any AmiNet site (8980)


Giftware, small donation appreciated.


freely distributable, anybody is hereby encouraged to include it in freely
distributable software libraries.