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   JukeBox 2.1


   2.106 (22.1.95)


Franz-Josef Reichert


JukeBox is a program to play compact digital audio discs by emulating a
graphical user interface similar to common CD players.  It provides a
command line oriented, fully programmable ARexx user interface as well.  It
will work on CD-ROM players plugged to a scsi-hostadapter or CDTV.

JukeBox will open its windows on the workbench (or any other public screen)
and do its best to allow a font sensitive layout.  The main goal during
development was to create a very comprehensive, self- explanatory utility.


 Full Intuition interface
 ARexx port
 Fully programmable
 Keyboard shortcuts
 Supports any release of AmigaOS
 French, dutch, swedish, danish, italian
 and german localization
 with Workbench 2.04/2.1/3.0/3.1
 Any screenmode or depth supported
 Windows on workbench or any public screen
 Tested with Enforcer and MungWall

 Common CD player functionality
 Catalogization, label and title recognition of your own discs.
 Shuttle-wheel for pickup positioning
 Play/Pause, Fast Forward/Backward, Shuffle Play, Repeat Mode,
 Skip Track Forward/Backward, A-B cuts


AmigaOS 1.2, 1.3, 2.04, 3.0, 3.1 or later.  The use of release 2.x or 3.x
system software is strongly recommended.  arp.library recommended for use
with any OS release former to 2.04.  This library is not included.


SCSI/AT/IDE host adaptor and a CDROM device.
Currently supported are:

SONY CDU-8002/1.8g player module 2.0 (19.12.93)
PIONEER DRM-18 player module 2.0 (1.6.95)
NEC player module 2.1 (1.9.94)
TOSHIBA player module 2.0 (16.12.93)
Commodore CDTV/A570 player module 2.0 (28.11.94)
MATSUSHITA CR-5xx player module 1.2 (18.3.93)
TEXEL DM-xx2x player module 2.1 (23.12.93)
TEAC CD-50 player module 2.0 (19.12.93)
SONY CDU-8003/541 player module 2.0 (19.12.93) <HR>
CHINON CDS-431 player module 1.1 (14.6.93)
TANDEM player module 2.1 (27.3.94)
PIONEER player module 2.0 (7.10.94)
HITACHI player module 2.0 (27.8.94)
SANYO player module 2.0 (13.12.94)
NAKAMICHI player module 2.0 (20.2.95)
ANSI_player_module 2.9 (16.07.95)
ATAPI_player_module 2.3 (18.06.95)
SONY CDU-8002/1.8g player module 1.0 (18.11.93)
TOSHIBA_SCSI-1_player_module 1.1 (08.02.94)
ARCHOS_player_module 2.2 (16.06.95)


Any Aminet site, e.g. (352017)


Unregistered release is freely distributable, anybody is hereby encouraged
to include it in freely distributable software libraries.

Registered release with full functionality available from author.  Printed
manual (german) available.  Suggested shareware donation is US$ 30.00 / DM


Freely distributable release (limited features); see documentation.
Shareware release available from the author.