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      Version 1.4


      Steve Quartly       (


The ultimate image viewer for OpalVision!

SqOpal is a image viewer for the OpalVision graphics card.  If
superview.library is installed you can show all the image formats supported
by superview.  Without superview you can show all the image formats
supported by OpalPaint.

- Loads over 20 different image formats
  (superview required)
- Images can be re-saved into another image format
  (superview required)
- Full image scrolling
- Proportional image positioning
- Automatic image centering on loading
- Scaling of images to fit the screen
- Full control of screen format (High Res/Interlace/Overscan)
- SqOpal is a commodity
- SqOpal has a appicon
- Workbench/CLI interface
- Multi-select images from ASL requester
- Use Opal OR ASL requester
- Slide-Show mode with delay time for multi selected images
- Fully configurable
- Latch the Opal display for Workbench backdrops
- Full mouse and/or keyboard support

Added in version 1.4:
- Bug Fix - when SqOpal was started iconified or cx_popup=hidden, it
  would crash the machine. Now ok.
- Bug Fix - Scrolling palette mapped pictures when loaded with
  superview would crash the machine. Now ok.
- Bug Fix - Changing resolution of palette mapped images when loaded
  with superview would change the image to grey scale. Now ok.
- Bug Fix - The mouse pointer was the incorrect colour when scaling
  an image. Now ok.
- Bug Fix - If a load error occured when the menu was turned off
  during slideshow mode, SqOpal would not recover properly. Now ok.
- Percentage displays have been changed to progress indicators.
- There is now a progress indicator for buffer conversion.
- You can now force a screenmode when Opal is used to load an image.
  However this does take slightly longer and need more memory.
- Added the CENTERIMAGE/NOCENTERIMAGE Tooltype/CLI documentation to
  the file. I missed it originally.
- I have changed the operation of the clear screen gadget.
- A file containing a list of files can now be loaded.
- Added Online Help facility.
- Superview Operators have now been implemented.
- I have changed the operation of the latch display gadget. Latch
  display is now a toggle and will unlatch a display as well.


- OpalVision graphics card
- superview.library
  (Available from Aminet pub/aminet/gfx/show)
  (Not essential but HIGHLY recommended)


Any Aminet site. - (52461) bytes


ShareWare, US$20.


Freely redistributable as long as archive is intact.  All rights reserved.
Not to be re-sold, except for duplication/disk costs ($4 max), or with
express written consent from the author.