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            L I G H T  -  R O M  3   I S   R E A D Y  !

        ( for all versions & platforms of Lightwave 4.0 )

LIGHT-ROM 3 is a 3 CD-ROM set and sells for only $49.95! 

LIGHT-ROM 3 consists of;

ROM #1 - Over 6,500 Lightwave objects from BBS's, Internet Sites and
exclusive contributions from all around the world!  All of the objects
include thumbnail renderings for easy previewing.  All of the Lightwave
content has been renamed & restructured to fit the requirements of
Lightwave 4.0 and their "Content Directory" function for easy loading with
Lightwave 4.0 as well as early versions of Lightwave for the Amiga.  The
previous versions of LIGHT-ROM do NOT have this compatability between ALL
versions of Lightwave!  ROM #1 also includes a selection of useful PC &
Amiga PD/Shareware programs, demos, plugins, text files, tutorials and a
stunning 360 frame Jpeg image sequence created with World Construction Set
Version 2 available soon for several platforms by Questar Productions.

ROM #2 - Includes a collection of 100 megs of 3D Studio objects, 175 megs
of Imagine objects, 30 megs of Sculpt 3D objects, 7 megs of Real 3D
objects, over 700 Jpeg textures (with thumbnail renderings for easy
previewing), PD/Shareware programs for PC & Amiga for graphics and a
VideoToaster directory with CG fonts, wipes and text files.

ROM #3 - Bonus "DEM-ROM" consists of over 1,100 digital elevation maps for
use in World Construction Set, VistaPro and Scenery Animator on ALL
platforms!  Each DEM is represented with a thumbnail rendering of its
topographical map.

LIGHT-ROM 3 sells for $49.95 plus $4.95 shipping & handling to the U.S.  &
Canada, $6.95 for international orders.  MasterCard & Visa is accepted.

If you are interested in receiving a free copy of LR3, contributions to a
future issue of LIGHT-ROM will be accepted.  You must contact me by writing
or Email for the details.  Generally, your work has to be approved, and of
sufficient quality to qualify for a free copy of LR3.  In other words, a
logo or a single 10K chair will NOT qualify for a free copy!  You are only
granting me the rights to publish your work on any CD-ROM I may produce. 
Your work is still your own & you may use it to contribute to other CD ROM
collections if you wish.  3D Lightwave objects are preferred, but homemade
professional textures can also be accepted.  If your contribution is
submitted and not accepted, I will not use it.

If you have a collection of quality, Lightwave objects you qualify for a
free copy of the complete 3 CD-ROM set.  If you only have one or two
Lightwave objects to contribute, if accepted, you will receive the first
CD-ROM (1 CD-ROM) of Lightwave objects only.

Advertising for LIGHT-ROM 3 starts this November with full page color ads
in VideoToaster User, LightwavePro, Amazing Computing and 3D Artist

LIGHT-ROM 3 is published by Graphic Detail Inc.  Any distributors (domestic
or foreign) who are interested in selling LR3 are encouraged to contact
Michael Meshew at (502)363-2986 or for information.

Thank You!

Michael Meshew
Graphic Detail Inc
4556 South Third Street
Louisville, Ky. 40214
(502)363-2986    voice & fax
1-800-265-4041   toll free order number

LIGHT-ROM 3 is a registered trademark and DEM-ROM is a trademark of Graphic
Detail Inc.  All other trademarks are the property of their respective