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Amiga goes POWER PC (TM)
Bensheim 07/11/95

During his key note address held in Los Angeles at the Video Toaster Expo,
Petro Tyschtschenko, CEO and President of Amiga Technologies officially
announced the Power PC to be the processor used in the future generation of
Amiga computers.

The first POWER AMIGA will be available 1st quarter 1997 and will feature
the Power PC 604 RISC CPU.  Further models will be available later in the
entry-level, as well as in the mid-range.

The Power Amigas will be backwards compatible with current models and will
also feature a new and more powerful chipset.

"Our pre-emptive multitasking Operating System AmigaOS will be ported to
the Power PC platform first.  Our goal is to make our OS hardware
independent to allow further ports on other platforms", said Petro

He also added: "We have a clear business plan: We do things consequently,
step by step.  First, we ramped up the production and set up an
organisation to handle the Amiga market and satisfy the demand.  Now that
we have achieved this successfully, we focus on research & development to
bring new and better products on the market.  One of the mistakes the
former Commodore made, was to do too many things at a time, too many
promises and therefore losing focus on important aspects of its business. 
We have learned from these mistakes and won't repeat them.  Commitments and
promises are nice but facts are better."

The developments will also focus on including more features in the AmigaOS,
especially regarding network abilities and memory management.

The development of the native RISC AmigaOS will be made internally at Amiga
Technologies.  An R&D department is currently being set up in Bensheim with
sufficient engineers to meet the announced schedules.  Former well known
Commodore engineers as well as new competencies will join the team in
Bensheim this year.

This development project will also be involving a dozen companies in close
partnership with Amiga Technologies GmbH.

More good news for all Amiga users: The Power PC technology will not only
be available for new Power Amigas.  Thanks to a close co-operation between
Amiga Technologies and Phase V, a German turbo board manufacturer, a full
range of Power PC boards will also be available for the A1200, A3000 and
A4000 series.

This will allow a general migration of the Amiga platform towards Power PC
in a short time, also for current models.

First Power PC boards for current Amigas will be available before end of

Amiga Technologies will be flexible in licensing the RISC Operating System
as before so that a global solution will be available for all above
mentioned Amiga computers.  This is especially important for the
foreseeable partnerships.

The 68060 board for the Amiga 4000 T will be available during the first
quarter of 1996 and will provide the power needed by applications like 3D
rendering software, compilers and high-end graphics software.

During 1996, new 68K based entry-level models will be available.  These
Amigas will be based on the A1200 platform, with faster processors, more
memory expansion capacity and CD ROM expansion.

Amiga Technologies is a 100% subsidiary of the ESCOM AG and is based in
Bensheim, Germany.

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