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                               Reader Mail

From:  Michael Jantzen

Thanks for distributing Amiga Report!  I really enjoy it (since I don't get
any Amiga related magazines).

I was really interested in hearing that AT is going to announce their new
Amiga.  For their sake, I hope it really knocks the socks off of the
competition.  However, it must be done in the proper way.  What makes
Windows 95 such a success (for an OS) was/is the marketing effort put into
it.  Ask anyone on the street what Windows 95 is, and they can tell you,
even if they don't even have a computer.

Marketing isn't just fancy TV advertisements (although it's part of it). 
It also consists of doing demonstrations, ripping on other computers, and
proving your excellence to the world (not just the current Amiga users).

Then comes getting the "big" software packages!  The BeBox's biggest
challenge is getting software period.  Still, I've heard they're in the
works for getting Netscape and some other major applications including a
development system that runs on the Macintosh.

[The development system, CodeWarrior, for the BeBox runs on the Macintosh,
work is underway to port it fully and natively to the BeBox itself.  

Still you can really sell the product no matter how bad it is by using

(Is Amiga Technologies listening?)

Now, about the BeBox, in an interview with their president (whose name I'm
not going to attempt to spell) jokingly called his product "Amiga 96." The
funny thing is that the BeBox is just another Un*x clone.  I'm not going to
go for it because of this.  Plus their Web page ( mentions mac,
windows thirty billion times but never mentioned the Amiga.  I suppose it
won't run *any* of my video/GFX software.

[It's really not a Unix clone...see my report. -Jason]


Michael Jantzen N7WSB ^_^
IRC: #amiga "lid"
Email:, 1:356/11.4