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                            Comdex Show Report
  Harv Laser                                

Today I found Amiga Technologies GmbH's booth at COMDEX/Fall, in Las Vegas,
the largest computer trade show ("faire" for you Euro types) in North
America.  About 200,000 people are expected to attend.

AT's booth is attached to the Virtual I/O 3D glasses booth in the Sands
Expo center, booth #3550.  COMDEX runs Nov.  13-17 this year.

Their booth space was small, but there they were, and that's the impootant
thing.  There were four A4000 towers, one with an 060, and as many A1200s
set up.  Two of the towers were driving lovely 21" monitors with Picasso
cards.  Sigh.  What a glorious display that was. 

I sat down and had a yak with Gilles Bourdin, Amiga Tech's Press Relations
guy, and Peter Tyschtschenko, their Managing Director.  Also there was
George Robbins, Jeff Frank, and Pia Brockmann, AT's Dir.  of Marketing &

Petro T as always looked and sounded very upbeat and friendly.  He told me
they've now sold 25,000 1200s in Europe/UK.  Sold.  To customers.  Out the
door.  He said that they had tons of them at the just-concluded Computer
Fair in Cologne ("Koln") Germany and people were buying them as fast as
they could whip out the cash. 

Although I still couldn't get one of those nifty new Amiga posters (as seen
in my recent VTU Expo photo-scan uploads), Gilles did give me a photo slide
of it.  Guess I'll take it to a photo store and get it made into a print
and scan that, so we can have a decent head on, clean upload of it.  They
also gave me a pile of Amiga logo stickers.I was all set to slap one on my
1200 back at my hotel room but it's just a little to big to fit anywhere on
the top of the case :-/

Petro told me that he had been interviewed by many computer journalists
already, so hopefully this will turn into some good press coverage in
upcoming issues of various magazines that are covering COMDEX and the
zillions of new products that come out of this massive expo. 

Following my comments here I'm going to include four recent speeches by
both Petro and Manfred Schmitt, who is Escom's president.  These were
handed to me by Gilles off his Escom (Intel) Laptop running Windows in
German :)

I shot a pic of him typing on it and he said "hey hey, no pictures of me
using an 'IBM'" :) so maybe that one'll get uploaded and maybe it wont. 

I did shoot pics of their booth which will get scanned and uploaded after I
return home in a few days. 

So there ya go..  yet another show report.  Yet another day of Harv
dragging his butt around millions of square feet of expo halls, and coming
back to his hotel room to collapse.  :)