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                 Speech by Petro Tyschtschenko in Cologne

Koln 11/11

Ladies and Gentlemen, Thank you very much for attending this software
evening, it is nice to see so many people interested in developing software
on the Amiga.  Amiga Technologies began as a production company in May

Its goal was then to ramp up the production of Amiga computers to bring
them back onto the market.  We have done it.  Then, as soon as the products
were available, Amiga Technologies evolved to a computer sales company to
distribute its products world-wide.  We had to meet the demand that has
been waiting for more than one year.  We have done it.

Now, Amiga is turning into a true Computer manufacturer, we are finally
building up our Research and Development team in Bensheim.  We are hiring
former Commodore engineers as well as new talented people to be able to
respect the announced schedules for the Power Amiga.  Lets do it!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we want to show our commitment to the Amiga platform,
not as a quick money maker for the Christmas season, but as one of the most
important strategic challenges in the ESCOM group.  Amiga shall become the
best platform for Multimedia, 3D software, graphics processing, Internet
and many more applications.

The software market is always looking for powerful platforms.  Especially
3D software needs great amounts of MIPS.  This is going to be addressed
first with the 060 board that we will market in early 96.  Then, in 1st
quarter 97, the Power PC 604 will replace the 060 in the new high-end
model.  Of course, the operating system will have to be ported to the new
RISC-Processor.  This will be done internally at Amiga Technologies by our
R&D department.

In the meantime, there will also be new products based on the A1200
concept.  We plan to present the A1200 + in May.  This model will feature
either the Coldfire processor from Motorola, or the 68030 at 40 MHz.  SIMM
sockets will be integrated directly on the motherboard to allow easy memory
expansion.  The A1200 + is scheduled for the CEBIT in March 96.

Another product will be the black box.  This is a set top box that will
feature an enhanced A1200 core, along with all connectors needed for
communication, printing, audio in and out and a remote control.  It will
have a HI-FI-like design that will be created by Frog design.  The product
will of course be equipped with a CD ROM drive and a floppy disk drive.

We are also making an Internet package with all software needed to become
an unbeatable surfer.  These networking features are planned to be part of
the OS in a near future.  It will first be marketed as a complete package
including modem and cables, with the software preinstalled on the
harddrive.  A plug and play solution.

We also plan the Q-Drive to be available shortly after the fair.  This quad
speed CD ROM drive plugs into the PCMCIA connector and is provided with
software to enable it to play CD 32 titles.

Ladies and Gentlemen, as you can see, the Amiga family will become larger
very soon.  To welcome these products that will without doubt be very
successful on the market, we want to encourage you to produce software for

We now have a developer support set up and running.  Let me tell you a few
words about its organisation.  There will be a secured section on the WEB
server, only accessible to registered developers.  The address of the WEB
server is

We will have two types of developers:

Non-commercial and commercial developers.  To become a non-commercial
developer, the candidate has to show an existing program or product, even
public domain.  The annual fee is 100 USD.  For becoming a commercial
developer, one has to provide proof of a commercial product, either
completed or in advanced stage of development.

The fee for becoming a commercial developer is 300 USD a year.  Former
registered Commodore developers will have to register again with Amiga
Technologies.  This is necessary for us because we do not have the complete
Commodore developer database and also because an Amiga Technologies NDA has
to be signed.  All developers will also have access to the beta versions of
the AMIGA OS for testing purposes, they will have access to development
tools, to hardware documentation and to our restricted newsgroups.

Developers will also have special purchase conditions on Amiga hardware.
There will also be a periodical newsletter.

The support for developers will be accessible from the Internet and through
a closed network as in former Commodore times.  If you have further
questions about software support, you are welcome to ask after the session.
We know that there are many people who are convinced that Amiga is the best
system and those people believe in the Amiga platform as well as we do.

This, Ladies and Gentlemen is very encouraging for us.  I believe that most
of the people attending here are Amiga enthusiastic and am glad to see such
a strong commitment.

There is one thing I would like to tell you: write software for the Amiga,
Amiga will help you to do this.

We managed to revive the Amiga hardware Now it's to you, together with us,
to revive its software.  Negotiations with many software houses world-wide
have started.  Our common goal should be to strengthen the Amiga software
platform for the future.  Please take this message: Amiga is working
tightly together with hardware companies to get new extensions, license our
technology and create new exciting products.

We are motivated by the success we had with our current models and look
forward to bring you new products very soon.

Thank you for your attention.