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| The most downloaded files from Aminet during the week until 13-Nov-95
| Updated weekly. Most popular file on top.
|File              Dir        Size Age Description
|----------------- ---        ---- --- -----------
mn_ansitest.lha    comm/mebbs   3K  20+ANSI Test Door for MEBBSNet
MagicWB20e.lha     biz/demo   270K   0+The standard for the Amiga workbench
FastIPrefs4012.lha util/boot    9K   0+IPrefs has been rewritten for KS 3.1
html20gu.lha       docs/hyper  47K   0+Complete HTML 2.0 reference in Amiga
thor22_main.lha    comm/mail  804K   1+Offline Reader for BBS/Internet usag
Magic64.lha        misc/emu   310K   0+A C64 emulator for the Amiga V1.1
thor22_inet.lha    comm/mail   84K   1+Internet archive for THOR 2.1 (TCP/S
BootGauge03.lha    util/boot   20K   1+Shows a gauge bar while booting, BET
NetFace1_2b.lha    comm/tcp    38K   1+Beta Gui frontend for AmiTCP.
Visage.lha         gfx/show   145K   0+Picture viewer for OS 3.0+. V39.2
RynoIcons2.lha     pix/mwb     94K   1+A set of Magic Workbench style icons
Eldritch.lha       game/role  390K   0+V1.34 : Top-view adventure hack-and-
DungeonHero.lha    game/role  136K   0+Fantastic RPG like Dungeon Master
mcx222.lha         util/cdity  47K   0+Multi Function Commodity
vscan31.lha        util/virus 160K   1+V3.1 of a SHI antivirus, recognises 
ZeusIIe.lha        misc/misc   18K   1+AI software to impress your friends!
girlact.lha        game/shoot  40K   0+Girl Actions - A simple "Galaxians" 
fastMC.lha         gfx/show    58K   1+Fastest truecolor-emulation (jpeg, p
AmigaFrom2214.txt  docs/misc   25K   0+The Amiga Resistance in 2214. READ I
varexx.lha         util/rexx   74K   0+A GUI system for Arexx.

| The highest rated programs during the week until 13-Nov-95
| Updated weekly. Best program on top. Please rate all the programs you
| download. To do so, send to :
| RATE <path> <num>
| where <path> is the file you want to judge and <num> is a mark from 0..10
| with 10 being the best. You can rate several programs in one mail, but
| don't rate your own programs. Example: RATE dev/gui/mui23usr.lha 8
|File              Dir        Size Age Description
|----------------- ---        ---- --- -----------
hdsleep.lha        disk/misc   11K   3+Turns your hard drives motor off. v1
Knights242.lha     game/2play 223K  53+Two-player violent dungeon bashing
Team17_Demos.dms   game/demo  680K  34+Demos of Alien Breed 3D and King Pin
CGraphX212u.lha    gfx/board  152K   2+CGraphX gfx extension update 2.12
DamageWolf3D_2.lha gfx/misc   292K   1+A ROTT (PC game) walkaround demo; 3D
ShapeShift3_2a.lha misc/emu   240K   7+Macintosh II emulator, V3.2a
RomIcons9.lha      pix/icon   336K  23+New MagicWB2.0 Icons/ImageDrawers/..
TolleUhr13.lha     util/time   89K  21+Beautyful analogous clock, v1.3
DosMan121.lha      util/wb    145K  24+Complete GUI Dos Manual
NetMail-13.lha     comm/mail  130K   3+E-mail program with GUI, groups, fil
tin130gamma.lha    comm/news  182K  14+TIN 1.3 PL0 Beta 950726. UUCP/NNTP N
Interplay40b.lha   disk/cdrom  53K   1+CDPlayer (Archos/CD32/PowerCD/SCSI/+
ReOrg3_1.lha       disk/optim 326K 114+Disk optimizer with DC-FFS support
DiskSalv11_32.lha  disk/salv  118K  18+Dave Haynie's DiskSalv version 11.32
ViperAGA12.lha     game/2play 390K  54+Updated AGA Snake game with 6 player
VK_DEMO.lha        game/demo  765K   1+Virtual Karting playable demo
F1GP-Ed.lha        game/misc  266K   5+Formula One Grand Prix / WC Editor V
MagiC64N.lha       misc/emu   250K   2+C64 Emulator V1.01 (A1200 Bug fixed)
gfft-1.12.lha      misc/sci   296K  61+FFT spectrum analysis of sample file
AB3Dicon.lha       pix/icon     2K   1+Icon for Alien Breed 3D - MWB Style.
MagicMenu_1.29.lha util/cdity 106K 102+PopUp menus for OS 2.x and newer
Executive.lha      util/misc  482K   2+UNIX-like task scheduler (V1.20)
snoopdos30.lha     util/moni  128K  60+System monitor, many new features ad
NewMultiView09.lha util/sys     8K   4+A frontend for MultiView
truview.lha        dev/misc    10K   3+614125 colors on AGA (FAST!!)
Bloodfest1.lha     game/role  515K   1+Captive & HiredGuns style 3d adventu
Bloodfest2.lha     game/role  598K   1+Captive & HiredGuns style 3d adventu
BikiniCards.lha    game/think 590K  44+New card set for Klondike AGA
KlondikeIII_1.lha  game/think 712K  38+Newest version of REKO Klondike!