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[Originally printed in Amiga Magazin, September 1995.]

CD32-Expansion: SX 32

The SX 32-expansion system turns Amiga Technologies' CD32 to a full Amiga
1200.  The module plugs easily into the expansion slot of the CD32 and
offers all connectors needed.

If you already have Amiga-peripherals like Genlock, Printer, Modem etc.,
you still can use all this.  A 15-pin monitor plug for VGA-monitors (e.g. 
Microvitec) is also there.

Iside the SX 32 a 2.5 inch harddrive can be installed or memory (fast ram)
with up to 8 MB via a PS/2 SIM slot.  A battery backed up clock is also
integrated.  Price: 450 DM.  Those who want to be betatesters for DCE will
get it for 333 DM.

DCE Computer Service GmbH
Kellenbergstr. 19a
D-46145 Oberhausen
phone: **49-(0)208-660673
fax:              -630496