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     P  R  E  S  S      R  E  L  E  A  S  E  .  
(For Immediate Release)

Concerning the establishment of "Greek Amiga Club", the first non-profit
organisation supporting the Amiga in Greece and officially recognised by
the Greek law as such.

Athens, October the 16th, 1995.

By means of this "press release" through your magazine, we would like to
inform the international Amiga community on the establishment of "Greek
Amiga Club", the first Amiga computer club officially recognized by the law
in the country of Greece. 

The creation of our Club became a reality under very difficult
circumstances and at a time when the Amiga's position and future in the
market were more than uncertain.  However, we decided to found this Club at
all possible costs because exactly NOW is the time that the Amiga needs it
most here in Greece.  We are committed to supporting and helping both users
and distributors.

We'll be grateful to anyone wishing to contribute to our efforts in
properly supporting Amiga users in Greece and Cyprus and also effectively
promoting the Amiga in several professional applications fields.  We
encourage both distributors and "Amiga Technologies" to co-operate with us
in order to implement what we think will satisfy our mutual needs and
wishes.  We would also like to welcome any possible offers or donations to
our Club on behalf of individual users, foreign users' associations,
hardware or -especially- software developers worldwide.  Given the fact
that finding and purchasing original Amiga software in Greece is not an
easy thing to do (as there are currently no dealers or official
distributing agencies), we would be grateful to any software developer
willing to make an offer -or even a donation- to our community.  We are
also willing to help developers 'localise' their programs in Greek, thus
overcoming any problems caused by the peculiarities of the Greek alphabet.
(Furthermore we would like to inform developers that we are willing to get
involved in software evaluation and "beta-testing".)

"Greek AMIGA Club"  Profile:
( Follow the Club's vital statistics: )

Contact Names/Addresses:

    (a) President:          Stephanos Papamichael, 
                            Derpfeld 9 Str., 
                            Patissia 111 44, Athens .
                            [tel/FAX. : 0030 12027973]

    (b) Secretary General:  Stephanos Siopoulos,
                            52 Silivrias Str.,
                            N.Smyrni 171 23, Athens.
                            [tel.:  0030 1 9349963]

    (c) Representative for northern Greece:
                            Vassilis Maniadis, Fidiou 2 Str.,
                            Alexandroupoli 68100.

    (d) E-mail address:    (attn: "Greek Amiga Club")  (attn: "Greek Amiga Club")

Level of acceptance:
Anyone, as long as he/she is serious about his/her Amiga.  We've got enough
of the "gamesmachine" label ...

Club BBS:
Currently N/A, but we're working on it.  We currently utilise a network of
BBSs in order to keep in touch with members and other users.  We're also
examining the possibility of setting up a Internet WWW server.  (HTML pages
are already under construction)

Number of members:
Given the fact that we are . . . newly born, we're
currently just 89. We hope, however, that by the
end of the year we'll be many more as our contacts 
already inlude more than 200 persons.

General interests and aims:
To promote and support the Amiga as a
serious tool instead of a "Games only"
machine here in Greece. To unite all
serious Greek Amiga users. (Greece and
Cyprus are estimated to have some 100,000
Amigas up and running! We'll try to help increase 
the above number anyway !)

Particular interests:
DTP, C and AMOS Programming, Graphics, Sound, Multimedia, Video. 

Brief Analysis of "Greek AMIGA Club" 's  Aims and Activities:

Our main ambitions and aims right now are: firstly to fully exploit our
machines' potential (in many fields: DTP, graphics, animation etc..) and
secondly to actively help and contribute to the promotion of the Amiga here
in Greece; for, unfortunately for the 90,000 -or so- Amiga users here, the
Amiga is treated like a mere 'gamesmachine', whereas PCs are considered to
be the only "Pro" machines, with the Apple Mac holding some niche areas
(particularly DTP).  What raises a bit Amiga's profile, is that for years
it's been considered to be an aspirational machine for home-use and that it
is still the machine of choice when it comes to cost-effective Desktop
Video (titling etc...) and local or 'tight budget' TV Stations.

As a Club, we have already some plans and specific ideas on promoting the
Amiga, especially through ads here in Greece.  Plans which -we think-
should be heard by the people who are responsible and also financially
capable of implementing them.  We need Amiga Technologies' permission to
use Trademarks and also their financial assistance in order to be able to
publish and distribute our own Amiga-supporting flyers, stickers, etc.
which are already being created using Amiga software.  The same should be
encouraged worldwide.

    Apart from the above, our specific goals for 1995 and 1996 include:

  1)     An attempt to considerably increase  the number of our members.
         The purchase of equipment (more powerful Amigas, a laser printer,
  2)     The creation of workshops in Graphics, DTP, AmigaDOS etc . . .
  3)     The publishing of a bimonthly newsletter or fanzine. (Issue1,  is
         already out)
  4)     PD software distribution. Creation of a Greek PD club.
  5)     The creation of DEMOS showing off the Amiga's capabilities.
  6)     The creation of interactive slideshows/presentations covering
         quality serious Amiga software (with screenshots and text). Later 
         on, we'll transfer the demos on video tape.
  7)     Contacts with both foreign User Groups and Amiga Technologies 
  8)     Publishing and distribution of Amiga-supporting literature. 
  9)     The organization of shows (or exhibitions) to show off the Amiga.
  10)    The establishment of a BBS dealing with users' needs, a help-line 
         on O.S. and Applications use, FAQ sector, News distribution, PD 
         distribution  etc . . .