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NFA (famous for their 'Word' diskmag, and Bodyshop slideshows amongst
others), and SAdENESS are very proud to present their first Amiga CD-ROM
disc - The AGA Experience.  This is the first CD dedicated to A1200/A4000
owners, and features the very best AGA-only software released over the past
3 years.  Some of the main features are as follows:

- EXCLUSIVE NFA PRODUCTIONS.  These quality titles were created by leading
  Amiga group NFA especially for this CD.  These titles include AGA
  Slideshows, Klondike cardsets and others.  The CD features every AGA NFA
  release to date, including the brilliant 'Word' diskmag and 'Out of
  Space' Alien multimedia diskmags.  These titles are official NFA

- READY-TO-RUN.  Most of the contents run straight from the CD.  There is
  no need to spend ages extracting disks.  Well over 300meg of ready-to-run
  hot utilities, diskmags, text files, demos, games and much more.  Only
  those titles which NEED to be compressed have been, these include Demos
  and slideshows which have to be stored in DMS format.  Extracting these
  is as simple as double-clicking an icon in Workbench.

- MAGIC WORKBENCH colour scheme and icons.  We have spent months making
  this CD the very smartest looking CD available today.  Almost every
  program has a suitable MagicWB icon.  We have even created custom
  Ray-Traced icons for the CD, any Amiga owner is guranteed to be

- OVER 80 Klondike cardsets.  There is also a ready-to-run version of the
  brilliant Klondike card game, with 10 built-in cardsets.  These include
  many quality cardsests we have created ourselves, and these are only
  available on this CD.

- LICENSED Amiga Report Diskmags.  The entire 1995 collection so far -
  ready-to-view.  A great resource for any Amiga owner.  [Actually, this
  has yet to be determined. -Jason]

- LOADS of MagicWB icons, backdrops etc.  All you need to add a
  professional appearance to your Workbench.

- HUNDREDS of programs never before seen on CD.  Mostly downloaded from
  BBSs from around the World, and straight from the Internet.

- ALL AGA Amiga Doom clones.  If you thought Doom was impossible on the
  Amiga - take a look at this CD for a real surprise!

- THE LATEST AGA mega-demos.  If you like being impressed by your Amiga,
  you'll find a great selection of demos on offer.  There are many which
  are so new, that you won't have even heard of before - let alone seen!

- HIGH-QUALITY artwork and packaging.  You'll be more than impressed with
  the quality of the Amiga-created artwork and packaging!

- PLUS hundreds of demos, games, slideshows, utilities, diskmags, texts,
  fonts, 3D objects etc.  etc.

The AGA Experience is soon to be released, and will retail for just

We are already taking orders, and copies are limited so get your order in

For more details, or to place an order please contact us.
 13 Russell Terrace,
 NR11 8LJ.

 TEL / FAX: +44 (01263) 722169