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New from Cloanto: The Kara Collection
Quality Amiga CD-ROM

This CD-ROM includes for the first time the complete collection of
ColorFonts, AnimFonts, Starfields and Plaquegrounds, plus a full set of
support tools by Kara Computer Graphics and Cloanto.

This is not a compilation of public domain material.  Kara fonts are used
by the finest professionals on different computing platforms.  They are
great for pictures, animations, titling effects and presentations.  The
CD-ROM contains 79 Amiga ColorFonts (with effects like Brick, Glass,
Chrome, Chisel, etc.), plus hundreds of alternate color palettes.  All
ColorFonts are also supplied in different formats used by video titling
packages.  The CD-ROM includes the Personal Fonts Maker software, which
allows the user to apply changes to the ColorFonts, and includes additional
printer-downloadable fonts in black & white.

AnimFonts use animated brushes to render effects like handwriting, rotating
characters, fuse-like sparkles, etc.  The fonts can be used to create
animations with any Amiga package supporting Anim-Brushes.  The CD-ROM
contains a software upgrade with Anim-Brush extensions for users of
Personal Paint, plus ARexx scripts to automate the rendering process.

The set of Starfields animations includes moving stars seen from different
perspectives, plus animated space objects.  The collection of Plaquegrounds
contains textures and backgrounds (e.g.  granite, marble, sand-stone, wood,
etc.) stored in different syles and sizes (as 24-bit images and in other
popular formats).  Starfields and Plaquegrounds can be used alone, or as a
background for the ColorFonts as AnimFonts.

Cloanto has a tradition of quality packages at an affordable price.  This
CD-ROM contains ten years of artwork by Kara, at a price of less than one
tenth of the original disk-based packages.  Most of the material in The
Kara Collection is being brought to the public for the first time,
exclusively on this CD-ROM.

List price: GBP 39.95, USD 69.95, DEM 79, FRF 299, ITL 89 000

Availability: November 1995

For more information:

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