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Australian Amiga Distribution Announced

Megatron, of Victoria, Australia, will handle Amiga distribution in that
country.  The company reportedly distributes the Atari Jaguar as well.  No
complete press release is available, but this fragment from a dealer letter
arrived in our mailbox...  (Machines will be available in mid-November.)

    Megatron Electronic Industries P/L	ACN 008 819 885
    Unit 4, 156-160 New Street
    Australia	3134

    Tel: +613 9870 4844
         +613 9870 4017
    Fax: +613 9879 2856

    John Barber is the guy to speak to.

"Megatron will be undertaking a national advertising campaign to
reastablish the Amiga name in the market place.  It is our intention to
promote the Amiga only through specialised dealers, and not through chain
stores.  We are currently looking for dealers interested in promoting and
selling this range."

The Recommended Retail Prices were also included-

A1200          AU$1095	
A1200 HD       AU$1245
A4000 040      AU$4945
A4000 060      AU$5445
1438S Monitor  AU$695

(1 AUS$ roughly equals US$0.74)