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Drexel Hill, PA (26 October, 1995) Intangible Assets Manufacturing today
announced that it is shipping the new Amiga game MegaBall4.

MegaBall4 is classic Amiga brick-busting action in a brand new commercial
package.  The Mackey Brothers (famous authors of Ball and MegaBall) dazzle
you with exploding blocks, plus poofing, growing, locking, unlocking, and
green-sliming bricks as well.  The fast-paced play and devious interactions
will challenge your mind as well as your mouse.  Experience the thrill that
has kept Amiga users glued to their monitors for more than half a decade. 
Includes three disks packed full of new action and new music!  Includes
board editor.  Compatible with all Amigas (requires 1.3), enhanced when
used with AGA.  Requires 1mb RAM.  List Price $30.

Includes special free fourth bonus disk: Ami-FileSafe Floppy.


MegaBall4 is the first commercial release of this product, and games aren't
typically upgradeable anyway.  Still, we at IAM want to give something to
those who made the effort to register earlier shareware versions with Ed
and Al.  In North America, you can receive 10% off your total of an order
of any IAM products directly from IAM.  To be fair to our dealers, such
orders must include proof of MegaBall registration, and must be received by
mail, email or fax at IAM no later than November 20, 1995.  (Sorry, but we
can't make such an offer outside North America because of our exclusive
distribution arrangements.)

    Contact Information
    Intangible Assets Manufacturing  (the best and latest info)  (AmigaGuide catalog/ordering information) (infobot)

828 Ormond Avenue
Drexel Hill, PA 19026-2604

tel +1 610 853 4406 (orders only)
fax +1 610 853 3733

All IAM products are available from Amiga dealers world-wide.  If your
dealer doesn't stock our products, ask her to.  Europeans must order
through our European distributors.  North Americans may purchase direct
from IAM as well as from their dealers.

IAM also publishes "Connect Your Amiga!  A Guide to the Internet, LANs,
BBSs and Online Services", "Eight Freely Redistributable Disks to Connect
Your Amiga!," DiskSalv3, Amiga Envoy 2.0b, MegaBall4, and "The Deathbed
Vigil...  and other tales of digital angst," and the "Connect Your Amiga"
T-Shirt.  It distributes Ami-FileSafe.  Dale L.  Larson, el Presidente,
IAM, is a former Software Engineer with Commodore's West Chester R&D
facility, is the author of many Amiga articles and an Amiga book, and has
spoken at dozens of Amiga shows and conferences.

         European Distribution through
         Fourth Level Development

31 Ashley Hill Montpelier
Bristol England BS6 5JA

tel +44 117 955 8225
fax +44 117 955 9157