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                       AMIGA DEALERS MEETING IN SPAIN

  by Manuel Lopez Cossi                      email:
     Alberto Acosta Lozano
         (Our gratitude to Mr.Ismael Delgado for his assistance.)

October 7th, 1995, 10:00 am

The meeting started, by one side there were around 30 persons performing 15
dealers companies and, by the other side, there was Mr.Alfonso Rodriguez,
PiXeLMEDIA manager (oldnamed PixelSoft), exclusive distributor for Amiga
products in Spain and, finally, Mr.Joaquim Costa, Escom representative for
Amiga Technologies Iberia (Spain & Portugal).

"Good morning and thank you very much for your attendance here".  The
meeting had just started.

Mr.A.Rodriguez starts introducing, one by one, the people meeting there and
his partner, Mr.J.Costa.  He continued saying to the dealers "The begining
is not going to be easy..." but following he said that the big number of
new dealers that would like to sell Amigas was a great surprise.

The range of Amiga products that is going to be delivered very soon are the

- A1200 -

There will be with and without hard disk.  Manuals will be in spanish
language.  The computer should be in the streets at this moment, but some
problems with the spanish keyboard has delayed it.  First shipment is sold
out completely with dealers, and therefore, a second order is going to be
ordered at this moment.

They will be available on the second half of October, with a warranty of
six months.  The price will be 69,700 ESP VAT inc.  (566.66 US$) and 92,900
ESP VAT inc (755.28 US$) 170 Mb Hard disk version.

- A4000 Tower -

It will be a big tower, 5 zorro III and 2 video slots.  2+4 Mb RAM
expandable up to 128 Mb, 3'5" High density floppy drive and 1 Giga fast
SCSI II hard disk.  Two versions will be available with 68040 (25 Mhz) &
68060 (50 Mhz) CPUs.

The 68040 version will be available on the first quarter of November and
the 68060 version on the second quarter.  The price will be 428,000 ESP VAT
inc.  (3,480 US$) and 498,800 ESP VAT inc.  (4,055 US$) respectively, both
with a warranty of one year.

With each computer there will be a bundle software package containing the
following titles:

WordWorth 4SE (Word Processor by Digita)
Organizer 1.1 (Scheduler by Digita)
DataStore 1.1 (DataBase by Digita)
TurboCalc 3.5 (SpreadSheet by Digita)
Personal Paint 6.4 (Paint program by Cloanto)
Photogenics 1.1 (Photo Image Porcessor by Almathera)
Whizz (Platform game by Flair Soft)
Pinball Mania (Pinball Sim. game by 21st Century)
And one issue of Amiga.Info magazine by Info Technologies.

- Monitor M1438S -

Colour monitor with 14"inches 0'28 pitch, integrated stereo speakers, scan
rate 15-40 Khz.  Will be available with first Amiga 1200, with a warranty
of six month along.  The price will be 55,900 ESP VAT inc.  (454,47 US$).

"This is the starting point for Amiga Technologies.  Anyway there is a team
working to develop in a near future new products" said Mr.Rodriguez.

- Technical support -

Amiga Technologies will sign a contract with a 36 geographic points company
in the country, experienced in Amiga products repairs.  The name of this
company was not said because this contract was not officialled signed yet.

- Marketing Policy -

"Amiga" computer name don't have too much prestige here, due to last owners
of the company didn't make a fine work here.  To change this it's neccesary
to do a hard work, next to a fine advertising campaign.  Amiga Technologies
will wait to the first shipment of computers to start his own campaign.

In a paralell way, PiXeLMEDIA is doing his own campaign, and ask to dealers
to start a joint venture with them.  Mr.Rodriguez gives the floor to
Mr.J.L.Gonzalez, person in charge of the actual PiXelMEDIA advertising
campaign, and starts to explain this advertisement.

" 'Back to win.' is the slogan choosen that explains the desire of all
these great users that Amiga have.  Clarify that Amiga is here, continues
in this world and with a big future.  In Spain, the word Amiga has been
relationed always with a game-machine.  For that reason, in this campaign
we have omitted all relations between games and the computer
characteristics, and we have emphatized the real advantages that this
computer has over the others, like multi-tasking, multimedia, open
architecture, etc..." (Mr.J.L.Gonzalez is manager of Logomotion company and
a Amiga user since 1986)

Mr. A.Rodriguez gives the floor now to Mr.F.Martin, Chief editor of the
great spanish magazine:

Starts showing his magazine to all.  "We are the only spanish language
magazine that exists, but we would like that there would be more like us. 
We have been working for one year, and we were born when Amiga-World
(spanish edition) died.  Actually we sold 2000 issues in Amiga dealers
shops, but we hope that very soon will be available on newsstands. 
Periodicity is bi-monthly, but as of November it'll be monthly.  Watch for
Christmas issue, with a CD-ROM and more pages included.  Our magazine is
very technical and dense.  Up to 120 pages in bi-month issues and 100 pages
in monthly issues.  Lot of tutorials about programming and commercial
progs.  100% made with Amiga".

Continues Mr.A.Rodriguez:

"Above mentioned campaign has started in this magazine.  In the last page
you can check this advertisement, like Mr.J.L.Gonzalez explained.  We
choose this magazine because has a big quality, even better than other
foreign publications.  Anyway, it's necessary to expand this campaign to
others publications here, like video, computer and multimedia magazines.
For example, Byte spanish ed., Mac Format spanish ed., Video Popular, etc.
[ Last rumours indicates that will be 6 different publications.]

It's our intention to make some demos packs for the dealers, so they can
show Amiga capabilities easier.  It will be a national contest to make a
"First steps" program for the newest users.

Amiga is actually used in video, graphics, etc., but there is others
productivity aplications we can bases on.  For example, Walt Disney is
making a new film of 'Goofy' (will be released on next summer), primary
animation made 100% with five A4000 network.  In Granada (a Spanish city)
there is a company that installs an automatized irrigation system based on
Amiga.  In Barcelona, another company is especiallized in complete medical
Chiropodist systems.  THIS IS PRODUCTIVITY and can be used to demostrates
the professional Amiga uses.

Following Mr.Joaquim Costa:

"Good morning, we haven't had no measure of time since Escom bought
Commodore...  I was the last Commodore Manager in Portugal (CBM UK and
Portugal went the last sites to close out).

After CBM assets, Escom founded two companies: Amiga Technologies and
Commodore. They are totally different and independent. AT is 100%
independent, with own developments of hard, soft and marketing techniques.
This is the reason for the foundation of a general department of Amiga
dedicated to sales, marketing, etc.  and another to software.  This
software department is located in U.K.

The most important thing was the launch of the first Amigas as soon as
possible, to show that Amiga market is alive.  This is a task that we can't
do alone, so we need your best collaboration.  Until end of year, it's our
objetive to produce 100.000 A-1200.  So this is the way that Escom can
recover the initial investment, and look the future.  And the future is to
go for the RISC architecture.

I'd like to get in contact with dealers in semestral reunions, because you
have the best view of the spanish Amiga market, which it is very similar
to the european.  But in Spain, Amiga market is smaller than Germany or

Most software houses are in U.K.  It's very important to revive the Amiga
market so this software houses starts the production.  Two weeks ago, some
of these companies dedicated themselves to start the Amiga software
production (games and productivity).  This is the reason for the software
office we have located in U.K. 

A.T.  wants to support local software developers, also in Spain, to produce
general and specific Spanish software. 

Another objetive of A.T.  is to have an official dealers network, with a
future vision on their minds, and not only with a vision market.  It's more
important quality than quantity.

We want to explain to everybody in Spain that Amiga is here again, so we
are going to celebrate a press conference here on the last week of October.

Also we are going to support local magazines like magazine,
following the rules of A.T.  in the rest of Europe.

Basically it will be two ways of distribution: Low-end range (A-1200)
through "El Corte Ingles" chain of big stores, and Low-High-end range
(A-1200 / A-4000) through PixelMedia dealers.

This year, publicity on T.V.  will not be possible.  Anyway, it will be
another kind of advertisements by A.T.  next to Christmas.