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                         XTreme Racing

XTreme Racing is the new AGA texture mapped racing game from Silltunna
Software/Black Magic.  The game is similar in style to Super Mario Kart on
the SNES, but of course, not so cute!  Features are :

High Speed 256 colour Texture Mapped Graphics in 2x2/2x1/1x2/1x1 resolution

Enhanced for fast ram/accelerators(020/030/040)/CD32

1-8 players, 4 on a single machine, serial + modem link abilities

8 different cars, including a police car, Ferrari, VW Beetle

Intelligent Computer cars (you select the amount of cars to play against)

Lots of tracks, a large variety of graphics including a water world,
radioactive world, normal roads, space tracks where you can fall off the
edge (or hit someone else off the edge)...etc....

Battle mode where the players simply have to kill each other - All kills
will be recorded of course.

3 difficulty levels + Cup Races + Championship Modes

Saved Screen Preferences (different for different number of players)

Extra Camera - can be placed anywhere, including on other cars and on the
               back of your car, and on the track etc....  Includes Zoom
               modes, rotate modes, Tracking modes.

A variety of objects, such as a Lemming to run over, Sharks, Barrels....

A variety of weapon pick-ups, including missiles (some of which fly around
the track), homing sheep(!), mines, etc.....

Extra track features include Jumps, curbs and the ability to squash cars!

Cash for the championship mode - upgrade your engine, brakes, tyres etc...

Full Race Replays

In Game Music (yes, you can turn it off!)

HD Installable

HUGE amounts of playability & Loads of options

                        Screen Shots

The Screen Shots are from the 1x1 version (which I can use on my 020-28). 
Make of them what you will - laptime, position and lap number information
is also on the screen in the game but just isn't in the screen shots.  We
also have a nice AGA sky which we couldn't save out.

                        More Details

The game should be released in time for XMAS'95 under the Black Magic label
- Black Magic were of course responsible for the hugely popular Gloom. 
Sales information will be released soon.

                        We Want Your Games & Artwork

We are currently looking for some new programmers and artists for the Amiga
and PC.  In particular we are looking for somebody who is an expert at 3D
rendering software and would like to make a career in the games industry. 
Please send us some of your work and it will be kept completely private,
and will only be seen by the 3 of us at Silltunna Software.   Be warned - I
give very honest comments back, so if your work isn't of the highest
quality, DON'T send it.

Contact us at : or Tel 01295 678 173 (midday -> 2.00 am any day)
Warn me before sending large UUEs

BBS : 01295 842105 10pm -> 7am (UK)
Sysop : Richard Whittall

Snail Mail :

Alex Amsel (Silltunna Software)
The Grange Stables
CV35 0UE


3D + Game Code  : Alex Amsel
Additional Code : Mark Fitt
Graphics        : Richard Whittall 
Design          ; Alex & Rich Productions Ltd (tm)
Music           : Simon Speight/Mark Fitt/Tony Farrell

Special Thanks to Mark Sibly, PeterM (don't know your surname!) & Juergen

Quick Greets to all of you who have helped make this game possible - see
the greets list in the game when it is released for actual names!  You know
who you are :)

See me on Comp.Sys.Amiga.Games/Misc