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                             EYE ON LIGHTWAVE
  Scott Bragg                                    

Greetings Lightwavers and Amigans in general.  Welcome to the first
installment of what I hope will be a long running column touching on many
topics near and dear to myself and you, the reader.  The main focus of this
column is Lightwave 3D and the Video-Graphics industry in general.  Even
though I will trend towards Amiga related news and topics, like it or not,
other platforms are becoming increasingly more important to the livelihood
of 3D animators accross the globe.

The most asked question I see on the #lightwave irc channel is "Where can I
find some good objects and image maps?" With the "for free" unsaid.  There
are increasingly more and more places to find quality information on the

First, FTP sites: --> this is an obvious one.  Contains a lot of good
information as well as objects, image maps, utilities and updates to both
Lightwave and the Flyer/Toaster. --> This is the old site that has been
taken over by Viewpoint Datalabs.  All the objects and such are still there
but is not Lightwave specific.  Good objects, but will probably need some
tweaking before being usable in Lightwave. --> I save the best Lightwave site for last.  The
tomahawk site has tons of great objects (not all are public domain, read
the info files carefully) image maps, tutorial files, an archive of the
Lightwave-L mailing list, utilities, updates, and animations.  Also there
is a great collection of images and framestores from Lightwave animators
around the world, and in the incoming/irc directory is a gathering of
pictures of those enigmatic irc users.  Now you can put a face with the

Second, WWW (World Wide Web) sites: There are many, many of these, I only
include the main one and one with tons of great links.  Ask around, most
internet savvy animators now have home pages. --> Again, this is obvious.  The home page of our favorite
Topeka, Kansas based company.

There are more...

Finally, other resources.

IRC #lightwave --> real time interactive chat with anywhere from three or
four to as many as twenty animators at a time.  Some of the biggest names
in the Lightwave community hang out there.  You never know who will drop
by.  Newtek also has a fairly strong presence there so what gets said will
be heard.

News groups.  --> comp.sys.apps.ligthwave is the definitive source for
lightwave information and help.  All the big guns read here.  Even been
some celebrities float through now and then.  Just lurking can be very

Mailing list: There are two of these that directly relate to Lightwave.
They include a general Lightwave list and a more specific and much more
intense Lightwave Developers list.

To subscribe to the Lightwave mailing list, send email to: and put SUBSCRIBE in the subject.

That about wraps up this installment.  If there are any areas you want
covered or a tutorial you would like to see, email me at the following
address.  I can be found most nights on the #lightwave irc channel under
the nick of edreams or E_Dreams.

Scott Bragg
Electron Dreams
IRC Nick: edreams or E_Dreams