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                         FIRST LOOK: VOODOO E-MAIL
                           By  Addison Laurent 

FIRST LOOK:  Voodoo E-Mail
This is a "first look" - a opportunity to see what is coming soon. It is not a
full review, and the program is not being examined as extensively nor with the
expectations as a program being reviewed that has been released.  There are
features that will probably be implemented before release, and bugs/problems

Voodoo - The Multimedia E-Mailer
Projected registration price:
35 USD, 50 DEM, or 150 FIM
Demonstration version to be available on AmiNet after release for 30 day

Osma Ahvenlampi

E-Mail is possibly the most understandable, most used side of the Internet. As
the internet has aged (progressed could be a contested term by some of the
older-timers) more applications have been developed, more ideas and standards
have evolved as ways to trade information, complete files, etc.

Several years ago, Internet e-mail was almost completely ASCII text, and if a
non-ASCII file were to be transmitted via e-mail, required the use of
conversion programs to convert these to ASCII, and back to binary when

Ideas and standards have been proposed and tried to handle these demands.

Several Amiga programs have recently been developed or are in the development
process so we can utilize the latest tools of the Internet to interchange

To support the MIME standard, Osma Ahvenlampi is in the process of developing

First Look:
Voodoo is a E-mail program, being developed with the new  ClassAct 
GUI development API.

The projected release date is currently December 1995.  According to the
documentation, there will be a registered version, with enhanced abilities,
and a demonstration version which will be redistributable.

While Voodoo is not yet ready for release, it is a quite functional program, 
one with most features implemented and working.

It is not a complete e-mail system.  It is, instead, a E-mail reader.  Other
programs must be configured to receive and send e-mail.  The configuration
I use is  AmiPOP  to retrieve my mail from my local ISP, and SMTPpost
from  InetUtils 1.4  to send mail.

Voodoo has MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) support, allowing for
transparent attaching of files to e-mail.  This is a great improvement over
the UUencoding and UUdecoding of binary files and either sending seperately or
appending to mail.

The user needs only to click on the "attach" icon, then using the requester,
pick the file(s) to attach.  Voodoo uses datatypes to identify and display 
attached files with incoming mail.  

Voodoo is shaping up to be a quite functional, useful program.

The final program is still being formed and finalized, but in the last two weeks,
several releases have come out, polishing parts, implementing more features.

Release should be very soon, both from the appearance of the beta test, and
the notes in the archive.