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Available 30 September, 1995

MegaBall4 is classic Amiga brick-busting action in a brand new commercial
package.  The Mackey Brothers (famous authors of Ball and MegaBall) dazzle
you with exploding blocks, plus poofing, growing, locking, unlocking, and
green-sliming bricks as well.  The fast-paced play and devious interactions
will challenge your mind as well as your mouse.  Experience the thrill that
has kept Amiga users glued to their monitors for more than half a decade. 
Includes three disks packed full of new action and new music!  Compatible
with all Amigas (requires 1.3), enhanced when used with AGA.  Requires 1mb

US list Price $30.
Contact Intangible Assets Manufacturing as follows: --  the IAM InfoBot. -- the IAM SalesBot. Send order forms here..

    Intangible Assets Manufacturing
    828 Ormond Avenue
    Drexel Hill, PA  19026-2604

    +1 610 853 4406
    fax: +1 610 853 3733