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Save yourself the inconvenience of having to download all the files you'll
need to get started on the information highways.  We've done it for you.
Terminal programs, Internet programs (TCP/IP, SLIP, PPP, Web, etc.), virus
checkers, compression utilities and more.  Our charge for the disk set is a
service and media charge, not a purchase of the software itself.  IAM is
not the author of any of this software.  Some is shareware and requires
that you pay a registration fee direct to the author for continued use,
some is completely free.  Sold as-is, without support from IAM.  $27 disks
only, or $49.95 for a package including the disk set and the book "Connect
Your Amiga!  A Guide to the Internet, LANs, BBSs and Online Services."

Availability of this disk set on CD-ROM is expected soon.
Contact Intangible Assets Manufacturing as follows: --  the IAM InfoBot. -- the IAM SalesBot. Send order forms here..

    Intangible Assets Manufacturing
    828 Ormond Avenue
    Drexel Hill, PA  19026-2604

    +1 610 853 4406
    fax: +1 610 853 3733