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  Arctangent's Graphics Pack, Volume 14 (ArcsPack #14)




  Bowie J. Poag

  IRC: Arc


The 14th volume of an already gigantic array of absolutely BEAUTIFUL
hand-painted backdrop patterns intended for use with NickPrefs' WBPicture
(Workbench 2.x), WBPattern (Workbench 3.x) and MUI.

Unlike my competitors, my work doesn't SUCK.  Furthermore, the patterns
don't have an annoying red slash through them, nor do I ask any pointless
Shareware fee from users who simply want to make their Workbenches and MUI
programs look professional, highly polished and respectable.  ArcsPack is a
quick and seamless way to drastically improve the look of virtually
everything about your system--from Startup-Pix to show during reboots, to
Workbench/MUI patterns and backdrop imagery.

Tired of sifting through endless heaps of crappy graphics, looking for the
perfect backdrop for your Workbench, or the perfect texture for your MUI
applications?  Wish you had a beautiful show-off screen to smoothly fade in
while your machine reboots, instead of staring like a brain-dead PC user at
a blank screen?  For those of you who want to give your Amiga a dramatic
top-to-bottom facelift, ArcsPack is the perfect solution.  This archive
represents but one volume in a library of such imagery I've been creating
for the past year.  Regardless of your tastes, from sleek and corporate to
gaudy and tacky, there's something in every volume of ArcsPack for
EVERYONE!  Plus a few little hidden bonuses on occasion.  :)

A wide variety of additional colour palletes are included for you to apply
to the patterns of your choice, as well..On a similar note, each pattern
has one or two variations on the original theme, so you can pick the
-exact- pattern of your liking, instead of being stuck with just one type
to choose from.  Take any of the dozens of patterns, make it BoO-BeRRy BlUe
or 10,000 Watt PumPKiN OrANGE!  Its up to you!

And to top it all off, its FREE.  I've turned down several offers from PD
and Shareware companies to publish and sell my work commercially simply
because I believe strongly in giving something *back* to the Amiga
community.  ArcsPack is MY way of saying thanks, and encouraging others to
get off their duff and make a difference, for all of us.


 o All ArcsPacks are fully compatible with Workbench 2.x, and 3.x, and
   look absolutely groovy if used in cooperation with Magic Workbench and

 o 100% Compatible with ALL Amigas, from bottom-of-the-barrel 7 Mhz A1000's
   all the way up to 66 Mhz A4000T/060 powerhouses.

 o It's 100% Fat-Free, and only 10 Calories per serving!

 o Its * F R E E * !


None, but AmigaDOS 3.1 and a machine with at least 1MB Chip Ram is strongly


All volumes of Arctangent's Graphics Pack (ArcsPack) are available from any
Aminet mirror worldwide, i.e., and are located in either
pix/wb or pix/icon, depending on the intelligence of the Aminet admin of
the site where you're at.  ArcsPacks are usually found in pix/icon, despite
having absolutely nothing to do with icons.  Go figure.


  Absofrigginlutely FREE! A gift from me to the Amiga community! Enjoy!