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   W.F.M.H. PacketWizard


   Marcin Orlowski


   Host mode Packet Radio terminal


   - every connected channel has it's own resizable window and acts as an
     independent task. No more screen switching!
   - fully user-definable, font sensitive GUI
   - localization
   - operates with usual Autobin and Yapp protocols
   - as an addition: operates with XPR protocol libraries! At now it is
     possible to use those ZMODEM, YMODEM, XMODEM, etc. protocols, known
     well to all phone modem users. with their abilities to continue
     (resume) download/upload on several sessions after broken connection
   - auto 7+ filesave option
   - GUI-based TNC preferences editor
   - calling stations just by clicking on their callsigns in MHeard list
   - selected channel can speak incoming texts. Superb, when Packet Wizard
     is working in the background (requires narrator.device installed)
   - optional data compression "on the fly" using XPK libraries
   - enchanced remote WizardDOS operations
   - built-in simple MailBox
   - multi-level ConversMode
   - graphics click-on intuition all over the Packet Wizard
   - AmigaGuide on-line help
   - Hot-callsigns menu
   - crypting option
   - fully clipboard support
   - user priority-based file access
   - MagicWB layout supported
   - automatic CallSign recognition by filters and settable database
   - settable event notification by sound sample or by Amiga DOS command
   - automatic log-book


If you feel we missed feature you would like to have in your PacketWizard,
please contact the PacketWizard development crew at:

      Marcin Orlowski      SQ1BSC @ SR1BBS.#SZ.POL.EU
      Pawel Soltysinski    SQ1BSE @ SR1BBS.#SZ.POL.EU

      SilverDream!'s BBS:  +48 (0)91-540431  (non-stop)

      Internet : 

      WWW Page :

      FidoNet  :           Marcin Orlowski@2:481/22.2
      GlobalNet:           Marcin Orlowski@52:4800/6


      Shareware. Copyright by the author.