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Media Release
For Immediate Release

Diane Hagglund, Product Manager
(519) 747-2373;

Waterloo Maple Announces Maple V Release 3 for the Amiga

Waterloo Maple Inc.  is pleased to announce that Maple V Release 3 for the
Amiga is now shipping.  This new release provides Amiga users with access
to the most powerful general purpose mathematics and visualization software
in the world.  Maple V Release 3 for the Amiga is an interactive
problem-solving environment featuring an advanced graphical user interface
(GUI).  It shares all the mathematical functionality that exists for Maple
V Release 3 on other platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, and many
versions of UNIX.  Maple V provides symbolic and numeric solutions to
problems in algebra, calculus, linear algebra, differential equations,
geometry, statistics and more.  Visualization features include 2D plots, 3D
plots, and animations of mathematical information and numerical data. 
Maple V also features a complete programming language that users can access
to develop powerful mathematical applications.

The Amiga version of Maple V Release 3 was developed by Amiga experts Dr. 
Tomas Rokicki of Radical Eye Software and Dr.  Willy Langeveld, a physicist
at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.  Dr.  Rokicki is widely known
for his development of AmigaTeX, and dvips, both widely used programs in
technical fields.  Dr.  Langeveld is known for his Amiga terminal emulator
VLT and the rexxarplib and rexxmathlib libraries.

Waterloo Maple Inc.  is a global leader in developing mathematical software
for technical professionals and for the education market.  Its core
technologies are built upon world-class research in symbolic mathematics at
the University of Waterloo and at ETH, Zurich.  The company's product line
includes Maple V(R), Theorist(R)/MathPlus(TM), MathEdge(TM),
Expressionist(R) and MathOffice(TM).  Waterloo Maple Inc.  technologies are
also integrated into products by The MathWorks (MATLAB), Visual Numerics
(PV Wave), TCI Software Research (Scientific WorkPlace), and MathSoft
(Mathcad).  Its corporate headquarters is in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. 

### Maple, Maple V, THEORIST, and Expressionist are registered trademarks
of Waterloo Maple Inc.  Math Office, and MathEdge are trademarks of
Waterloo Maple Inc.  Waterloo Maple Software recognizes all trademarks and
registered trademarks cited in this document.