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[No, it's not directly relevant to the usual sort of thing that goes on in
Amiga Report.  But I think that it's interesting to keep abreast of these
sorts of developments in the sister market to the Amiga.  That, and CMD,
publishers of Commodore World, are considering doing an Amiga magazine, and
a show of support and interest in such a publication from the Amiga
community can't hurt. -Jason]

CMD is pleased to announce that we are developing a new line of
accelerators for the Commodore 64 and 128 computers.  The Super64CPU series
design is based on the Western Design Center W65C816S microprocessor which
was used in the Apple IIGS and is currently employed in the SNES (Super
Nintendo Entertainment System).  The new series is scheduled to debut in
February 1996 with two models: the Super64/10 (10 MHz) and Super64/20 (20

Both accelerators will operate on Commodore 64 and 64c computers, as well
as in 64 mode on Commodore 128 and 128D models.  Acceleration will be
switch-selectable as well as software-selectable.  An additional switch
will allow you to completely disable the accelerator or select between
Standard and JiffyDOS operating modes.  Other announced features include
64K of fast static RAM, 64K ROM, and a built-in pass-through port for
connecting compatible cartridges and RAM devices.

Devices that will be compatible with the Super64CPU's include:

     * Commodore 17xx series REU's
     * CMD RAMLink
     * Berkeley Softworks' GEORAM
     * Commodore 15xx series drives
     * CMD HD & FD series drives
     * CMD SwiftLink

Super64CPU accelerators will provide high-speed with many software
applications including GEOS, telecommunications & BBS programs,
productivity and utility software, as well as most BASIC programs.  Retail
prices are estimated to be $149.95 for the Super64/10, and $199.95 for the

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