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|          Announcing   :   The   International   Amiga   Society         |


           We're a group of Amiga owners engaged in building the


   a world-wide association of Amiga practitioners, owners, developers,
 dealers and believers in the ideals and future of the Amiga platform.  In
view of past experiences and present-day circumstances we feel it necessary
 to explore all possible ways of protecting our investment in money, time,
 skills and dedication and furthermore use available technologies to forge
  an intelligent and effective form of association between all interested
parties.  Our first aim is to create a world-wide database of all existing
   user groups so we can communicate among ourselves with e-mail and/or
                     mailing-lists and other devices.

 We are herewith inviting everyone reading this to communicate our request
        to their user group and to send the following information:

                           1.SnailMail address
                           2.E-mail or BBS address/contact
                           3.Number of members


  For your consideration, we will then send you more detailed information
                   about the organization and its plans.

   Groups or individuals representing groups who have access to internet
                   web-browsing can use our home-page at

                (registration form not available yet)

   It is of uppermost importance for this database to be as complete as
                  possible so be so kind and answer ASAP.

|    Queries should be addressed to     |