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     Amiga CDROM Guide




     Anders Bakkevold. (


Amiga CDROM Guide (ACDG) was made to help Amiga-owners
to pick the right CDROM for their needs. It doesn't
include commecial games or photoCD-discs, but all Amiga
PD/clipart/fonts/modules collections.

- It is in the Amigaguide-format.

- You will find all the vital information on a CDROM, like
  price, contents, publisher etc.

- Covers 238 CDROMs!!!

- 70+ of the CDROMs have a review

- If you're interrested in for instance raytracing, click
  on the keyword "Raytracing" to get a list of all CDROMs
  that can be assosiated with ratracing.

- Other keywords: Clipart, fonts, pictures, utilities,
  GNU, text-files, fish etc

- It's up-to-date with the latest CDROM releases.

All in all:   500kB of pure information!


v1.3   Fourth release. Contains information about 246 CDROMs.
- 89 (!) CDROMs Added:

  17BIT Dimention 5
  2000 Mysteries
  AB20 " link CD194}
  Adult Sensations 2
  AGA Experience Vol 1
  Amiga FD Inside
  Amiga Grafik 1
  Amiga Grafik 2
  Amiga Grafik 3
  Amiga Grafik 4
  Amiga Magazin CD Vol 2
  Amiga Story 1985-1987
  AmigaPlus CD Vol 1
  Aminet 8
  Aminet 9
  Aminet Set 2
  AMOS PD Release 2
  Applied Optical
  Arktis Edition Vol 1
  Auge4000 / Cactus
  Berliner Spielekiste
  Best Of Computergraphics
  Between the Lines
  CD32 Gamer Issue 1
  CD32 Gamer Issue 2
  CD32 Gamer Issue 3
  CD32 Gamer Issue 4
  CD32 Gamer Issue 5
  Compendium Deluxe Vol 3
  Datamix 1
  Deutsche Edition 1
  Deutsche Edition 2
  Emulators Unlimited
  F1 Licenceware Vol 1
  Fish & More 1
  Fish & More 2
  Fish & More 3
  Fractal Universe
  Fred Fish Collection 1.1
  Fred Fish Collection 1.6
  Fred Fish Collection 1.7
  Gamers' Delight
  GIF Sensation
  Giga PD Update 1
  Giga PD Update 2
  Giga PD v2.0
  Giga PD v2.1
  Giga PD v2.2
  Gigantic Games 2
  Golden Power Volume 1.1
  Golden Power Volume 1.2
  Groliers Encyclopedia 2
  Insight: Dinosaurs
  Insight: Technology
  Klondike Gold
  Makin Musik
  Mathematik Leicht Gemacht
  Mega Bundle One
  Mega Bundle Three
  Mega Bundle Two
  Megahits 1
  Megahits 2
  Megahits 3
  Megahits 4
  Megahits 5
  Megahits 6
  Megahits 7
  Music Maker
  Photo Lite
  PhotoworX Professional
  Pro Backdrops & Icons Vol 2
  RHS DTP Collection
  SCI-FI Sensation
  SFX Volume 1
  Software 2000
  Startrek Multimedia Gold
  The Heroic Age of Space Flight
  Time Table of History
  TrueColourCollection 1
  Ultimate Mod Collection
  United Public Domain Gold
  Women In Motion
  World Of Video
  Zoom 1.5

- A new system for showing compatability. The new system
  is smaller, thus saving 40KB!
- A "Language:" field showing the language of the CDROM.
  (EG English, Deutsch)
- New keywords: Coverdisc  (Like CD32 Gamer Coverdiscs)
                Multimedia (Multimedia encyclopedias, etc)
                Bundles    (CDROM Bundles)
- A lot of new info (MANY Release dates)
- Some spelling errors corrected.


You will need a program able to display Amigaguide
files, like Multiview or xkpGuide.


Amiga CDROM Guide is available from any Aminet site,
for instance:


Amiga CDROM Guide is freeware.


Amiga CDROM Guide v1.3 is copyright 1995 Anders Bakkevold.
All rights reserved. You may copy it as you like, as
long as no changes are made to the archive, and you
don't charge more than œ2.00 for the media and
copying fees.