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NSDi and AmiTCP/IP statement

There has been numerous rumours about the status of the Network Solutions
Deveopments Inc.  (NSDi) operations and developments of AmiTCP/IP.  This
message is aimed to end all such rumours and provide the Amiga networking
community with up-to-date information about the matter.

The rumours are caused because of our invisibility on the Amiga news
groups.  There has been a simple reason for this, we just have had no time
to follow the news.  We hope to change this now.

AmiTCP/IP Distribution, dealership, etc.

NSDi was formed little over a year ago to make AmiTCP/IP available on
commercial Amiga market.  Up to now the commercial AmiTCP/IP has been only
available through direct orders from NSDi.  Now we are happy to announce a
distribution deal with Village Tronic Marketing GmbH, the makers of such
products as Ariadne ethernet boards and Picasso II graphics cards.  Based
on the contract between NSDi and Village Tronic (VT), VT will manufacture,
market and sell AmiTCP/IP all around the world using same Channels as they
are using for their other products.  In addition to that, all new dealers
are welcome to take their part of the AmiTCP/IP market.  However, we
require that the dealer will provide techical support for their customers.

Our WWW site contains the Village Tronic contact information.

We still continue to sell AmiTCP/IP directly, too.  Email to <>
for latest ordering information and an order form.  Currently we do the
shipments once a week, so please allow about 10 days for delivery.

Technical Support

Technical sopport for the customers is available through email to  We have also provided support for the AmiTCP/IP
4.0 Demo users, but the paying customers are first on priority.

We have had some more or less severe problems with our email because of our
IP service provider.  From 12.9.  to 19.9.1995 they managed to lose every
single email message destined to because of a configuration error
in the mail server software.

If you have sent in email during that period, and have not received an
answer, please resend your message.

Our response times during the summer have been too long, partly because of
the mentioned problems, and partly because of summer vacations etc.  Now
the response time should be few days, maximum.

NSDi WWW site

Our Web pages are now available on URL and they now
contain the latest information.  If you have any links to our old URL
(, please change them to point to the new place.

Our Web pages are "under construction", so no flames, please :-)

NSDi FTP service

We used to have our "home" ftp site at  This service is being
shut down by the university.  By now Aminet should contain all the
interesting files that were on  Anyway, there is a need for
an AmiTCP/IP specific ftp site for distributing fast patches and other
inforation not intended, or meaningful, to the general public.

Currently this service exists on  We hope to have
a proper alias ( soon.  By now there are not too many files,
but our intention is not to collect a "library" there.  Aminet serves
better for that.

Next release (4.3)

Next release is 4.3, and it will be available within few weeks.  It will
include bug fixes and some new features, like a cool dialer capable of
handling any possible dialing needs you might have.  Also included are
faster ftp transfer routines.

The new release will be available as a free patch to all existing
customers.  The availablility will be announced to all registered customers
via email (which we failed to do when 4.2 was released) and through these

That's about all this time,

    Jarno Rajahalme
    Network Solutions Development Inc.