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    First public release.


    Ola Lundkvist


    This is a compilation of three little simple nice games I've
    written in the last few years. Major general features:

    * One or more players, playing againts each other
    * Playability
    * Fun
    * Addictive
    * 100% Systemfriendly and multitasking
    * Simple but funtional graphics
    * No sound (so you can listen to your favourite music or whatever)
    * AmigaGuide documentation
    * Starts from WB or CLI
    * Written in C (using Lattice/SAS C 5.10)

    The games included are: BlackBox, FourInaRow & Tangle.

    This is an improved computer version of the boardgame with the
    same name. For 1-6 players. BlackBox is fun and uses almost no
    CPU time. Runs on any Amiga.

    This is a Tron like game for 0-4 players (yes you can watch the
    computer play against itself). Great fun. Very configurable
    (configurations can be saved in tooltypes, at present uses 53
    tooltypes). Needs 2.04 or later, but an old version that runs on
    1.x is also included (though it is not at all as good).

    This is the result of me studying algorithms. A very nice version
    of Four in a row, or Four wins. 0-2 players. Plays fairly good
    and fast, I would say. (That is - beats the crap out of all other
    four in a row games I have seen.)  Included a version that uses
    2.04, a less featured version for 1.x and a windows (yuk) version
    (which you may use or delete, whatever pleases you most).


    Should work on any Amiga. 2.0 or better recommended
    (versions for 1.x with less features included).


    WizoGames is available on Aminet as the archive "WizoGames.lha"
    in the game/2play directory:  (167265)


    WizoGames are shareware. I give you WizoGames and you give me your
    own software. People who don't write own software may donate $5 -
    $10 to get registered. Students or people without an income are
    allowed to use WizoGames for free. More information is available
    in the archive.


    WizoGames are ShareWare and is Copyright 1992-95 Wizo. These are
    basically freely distributable as long as no profit is made.
    Detailed information on distribution is available in the archive.

Ola Lundkvist