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VERSION:  v3.3

COMPANY:  Asimware Innovations Inc.
          600 Upper Wellington St., Unit D
          Hamilton, Ontario
          Canada  L9A 3P9

          Phone:  (905)578-4916
            Fax:  (905)578-3966

AsimCDFS v3.3 Maintenance Release

We would like to announce the availability of AsimCDFS v3.3, which
was released on August 29th, 1995.  This is a maintenance update
for the AsimCDFS v3 package.

Registered users can obtain this release via our BBS or ftp site.
Consult your manual for details on obtaining the update.

[ Note:  The ftp site seems to be  -Dan ]

Paul Reeves
Asimware Innovations Inc.
August 29th, 1995