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WCi to host World of Amiga in Toronto in 1995

Resurrecting an annual tradition, the World of Amiga show will be held
again in 1995 at the Toronto International Centre on December 8, 9, and

The official show hours are:

   Friday     6:00pm - 10:00pm
   Saturday  10:00am -  6:00pm
   Sunday    10:00am -  6:00pm

Wonder Computers, Inc., organizers of the 1995 WOA in Toronto, are
currently soliciting distributors, retailers, and user groups to exhibit at
the show.

There will be two active seminar rooms for the duration of the show, and
they are booking steadily - most notable seminar topics include the
Internet and multiplatform emulation.

So, clear those dates on your calendar!  The biggest Amiga show in North
America since 1993 is about to happen, and you can be a part of it.  See
the new Amigas from Amiga Technologies (Escom), and new software and
hardware from the many developers who have stuck it out for the past year.

If you would like to be kept current on developments in the show, send
Internet EMail to and you will be automatically added to our
show mailing list.

The World of Amiga show in Toronto is being organized by WCi Information
Technology Division.  WCi is Canada's largest Amiga-only corporation,
encompassing the I.  T.  Division, the Lazarus Engineering Division, and
the Wonder Computers Retail Division.

For more information on the World of Amiga show, feel free to contact:

    WCi InfoTech Div.
    c/o Wonder Computers
    371 Old Kingston Rd.
    Scarborough, ON
    M1C 1B7

    +1 416 201 2333 Voice & Fax