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==                         News & Press Releases                         ==

  World of Amiga in Toronto    The WOA revived!

   Amiga Tech at VTU Expo      At a show in the US!

 Escom Corporate Information   The biannual report

       Amigas in Spain         New distribution

 International Amiga Society   IAS moves outward...

      Maple V Release 3        Intensely powerful symbolic math 

    W.F.M.H. PacketWizard      Packet Radio terminal software

     AmigaLink Magazine        Under new management and still going

        ArcsPack #14           A collection of original WB-ready artwork

Eight Free[sic] Network Disks  Well, freely redistributable, anyway.  

     Ami-FileSafe (AFS)        The filesystem gets a new distributor

          MegaBall4            Powerful and commercial ballgame.

       DFA(ddress) 2.5         Personal database utility

       ShadowStart 1.3         To WBStartup or not to...

       Verteiler 1.01          Poor man's listserv

      ImageStudio 2.2.0        The image processor upgraded

        AsimCDFS v3.3          The CD-ROM filesystem grows

          WizoGames            Small but fun games

         F1GP-Ed 3.0           Make Formula One more fun

     NSDi and AmiTCP/IP        AmiTCP gets new distribution

      Amiga CDROM Guide        A collection of reviews

       CMD Super64CPU          Ludicrous speed for the 64

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