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==  compt.sys.editor.desk                          By:  Jason Compton   ==

Another couple of weeks, and...

Hey, stuff's starting to happen!

True more or less to what we heard in Amiga Technologies' last burst of
information promising lots of European conferences and press releases,
we're seeing distribution channels established worldwide.  While we lack
press releases, deals in the US and Australia are being completed, and a
Spanish distributor is announced in this issue.  When harassed for press
releases, Gilles Bourdin has been pleading his workload to explain their
lack of existance.  In the same vein, we have been unable to schedule an
IRC conference with him.

But, to make up for it somewhat, AmiTech will be showing itself at the
Video Toaster Expo in November.  Not bad.

We've also got a Web page-although it's in German.
Actually, a couple of enterprising (and bored) Amiga users discovered that
much of the English translation is available at, but there are no links that would lead the
casual reader there just yet.  While nothing the reasonably experienced
Amiga user doesn't know, having the resource is always reassuring.

What do we have lined up as entertainment in the coming weeks?  Well,
reviews are always key, and the pressure is on Amiga Technologies to
provide us with a shot at their new-old Amiga models-which, incidentally,
are already being sold (1200s, anyway) in stores in the UK and Germany.

An IRC conference with Nova Design, the team behind ImageFX, should be
coming in November, and of course there is always the prospect of an Amiga
Technologies conference.  (As an aside to Amiga developers, AR is always
interested in the idea of organizing a conference to spread knowledge and
interaction with users of your products.  Drop us a line if you'd like to
set something up.)

We'd also like to entertain applications for a Games Editor, since Sean
Caszatt has lost interest in keeping up with that position.

Watch this space, we're watching out for you.