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| The most downloaded files from Aminet during the week until 9-Oct-95
| Updated weekly. Most popular file on top.
|File              Dir        Size Age Description
|----------------- ---        ---- --- -----------
term-030.lha       comm/term  669K   0+V4.5, MC68020/030/040/060 version
VChk718.lha        util/virus 146K   1+Version 7.18 of Virus_Checker. Amiga
term-libs.lha      comm/term  126K   0+V4.5, XPR and XEM libs
term-doc.lha       comm/term  216K   0+V4.5, AmigaGuide format and library 
term-extras.lha    comm/term  215K   0+V4.5, HydraCom, ARexx scripts, sound
Eldritch.lha       game/role  371K   0+V1.30 : Top-view adventure hack-and-
JaysTale.lha       docs/misc   72K   1+Jay Miner's tale of the Amiga
Unzip512x.lha      util/arc    97K   0+UnZip 5.12, Info-Zip Portable Un-zip
DGalaga26C.lha     game/shoot 544K   1+Galaga clone with lots of extra feat
term-roadmap.txt   comm/term   28K   0+V4.5, Introduction to the distributi
term-locale.lha    comm/term  273K   0+V4.5, Locale and blank catalog table
term-main.lha      comm/term  671K   0+V4.5, Distribution for all Amigas
DTpref20.lha       util/wb     75K   0+Prefs-Editor for Datatypes with GUI
NetMail-12.lha     comm/mail  109K   0+E-Mail program with GUI, groups, fil
Dig_Universe.lha   biz/demo   3.3M   0+The Digital Universe demo, Astronomy
Motor_Duel.lha     game/shoot 317K   0+Updated version of BattleCars (2 plr
NewMode_V39.lha    util/cdity  63K   0+Screen promoting utility
ABackup501.lha     disk/bakup 270K   0+ABackup 5.01
SSpeed11.lha       util/moni  338K   1+Very good Speedtester! About 100 tes
ShapeShift3_2a.lha misc/emu   240K   2+Macintosh II emulator, V3.2a

| The highest rated programs during the week until 9-Oct-95
| Updated weekly. Best program on top. Please rate all the programs you
| download. To do so, send to :
| RATE <path> <num>
| where <path> is the file you want to judge and <num> is a mark from 0..10
| with 10 being the best. You can rate several programs in one mail, but
| don't rate your own programs. Example: RATE dev/gui/mui23usr.lha 8
|File              Dir        Size Age Description
|----------------- ---        ---- --- -----------
term-030.lha       comm/term  669K   0+V4.5, MC68020/030/040/060 version
gcc270-base.lha    dev/gcc    1.5M   5+Gcc v2.7.0 - Base part - C/C++/ObjC 
gcc270-c020.lha    dev/gcc    708K   5+Gcc v2.7.0 - 68020 C part - C/C++/Ob
gcc270-cp020.lha   dev/gcc    1.7M   5+Gcc v2.7.0 - 68020 C++ part - C/C++/
gcc270-doc.lha     dev/gcc    1.1M   5+Gcc v2.7.0 - Doc part - C/C++/ObjC C
gcc270-inclib.lha  dev/gcc    918K   5+Gcc v2.7.0 - Headers and Libs part -
gcc270-objc020.lha dev/gcc    617K   5+Gcc v2.7.0 - 68020 Objc part - C/C++
ixemul4103-bin.lha dev/gcc    1.6M   5+IXemul.library 41.3
Obrn-A_1.6_src.lha dev/obero  308K  14+The source code for Oberon-A
gravforce.lha      game/2play 197K  67+2 Player Thrust with Guns!
Midnight208a.lha   util/blank 363K  44+The ultimate screen saver! (OS2.0+)
ZShell28.lha       util/shell 147K   3+CLI with REAL pipes and TAB-FNComple
thor21_main.lha    comm/mail  774K   3+Offline Reader for BBS/Internet usag
Executive.lha      util/misc  429K   4+Task manager and scheduler (V1.00)
tenebra.lha        demo/aga   811K   3+Tenebra 1/1 *AGA*
vty-ama1.lha       demo/aga   672K   4+Amazed (from "South Sealand 2" demo 
vty-ama2.lha       demo/aga   801K   4+Amazed (from "South Sealand 2" demo 
vty-ama3.lha       demo/aga   620K   4+Amazed (from "South Sealand 2" demo 
tri14dev.lha       dev/gui    328K   6+Triton GUI creation system. r1.4 dev
perl4.035.V010.lzh dev/lang   750K 158+First public dist of Perl 4.035 port
Obrn-A_1.6_bin.lha dev/obero  531K  14+A freely-distributable Oberon-2 comp
Obrn-A_1.6_lib.lha dev/obero  597K  14+The library and examples for Oberon-
ARTv1i3A.lha       docs/mags   34K   2+AR Tech Journal, Vol 1 Issue 3 in Am
Engines.lha        game/2play 370K   7+GravForce game for 2-4 players. AGA 
F1GP-Ed.lha        game/misc  266K   0+Formula One Grand Prix / WC Editor V
Motor_Duel.lha     game/shoot 317K   0+Updated version of BattleCars (2 plr
gfft-1.12.lha      misc/sci   296K  56+FFT spectrum analysis of sample file