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Chris's Button Strip V1.5 : HTML Editing For Final Writer 

I don't know how many people out there use Final Writer extensively,
but I have developed an HTML "editor" for use with it, using the user
menu, button strips, Arexx scripts and text clips.

I use it to produce HTML for Web authoring, aswell as converting
ascii text into html.

The system works by taking whatever has been selected by the mouse, 
and placing html code either side of the selection.

If nothing is selected, then the html code appears, and the cursor is 
placed *within* the code, to allow you to type.

All html code appears in a different color (red), and text is justified
and highlighted depending on what you've done to it. (eg, clicking on the
'italic' button will add the <i> and </i> to the text, and also turn the
text between the code to an italic font.

The macros are packaged on my web site. The application is 'ChocWare' -
if you like it, send me some chocolate, and I'll send you the latest

You can get to it directly via:-

If anyone wants the archive but has no web access (can't think why you'd 
want it then..? ), I can email the uue file (100k with pictures).

Enjoy !

And thanks to Woody for continuing to support us.. !

Chris                                voice:0131-451-5686           video : (+44)-131-451-5686(ISDN-2)
              "..Vorsprung Durch Trabbi.."
   snailmail:Institute for Computer Based Learning, EH14 4AP Scotland