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The Italian Amiga community will meet on November 18th, 1995, at the fifth
annual IPISA conference. IPISA stands for "Incontro dei Programmatori
Italiani per lo Sviluppo su Amiga" (Italian Programmers' Meeting for
Amiga Development).

IPISA is an open meeting (advance registration is required for a small
fee) focussing on non-commercial products, projects and ideas, and on the
distribution of high-quality information and advanced software tools.

It is also a chance for (usually isolated) novice users to talk each other
and to consult qualified and experienced Amiga users. IPISA is (and has
been) a valuable occasion for small Italian enterprises working with the
Amiga to do some head-hunting and to arrange professional talks with
usually unreachable people, such as magazines chief editors and
journalists, freelance programmers, etc.

In the past, IPISA was an opportunity for Commodore Italia to introduce
new products and to answer questions on its policies. Commodore Italia has
always supported the IPISA conference by helping in the organization
phase, by lending computers and sample products, and by participating in
the conference through its representatives.

Amiga Technologies GmbH has been contacted but they were unable to confirm
or deny their presence.

About past IPISA conferences

As we said, this is the fifth conference; the first and second ones were
held in Modena and were organized by three former Amiga developers. Even
without press coverage, the conferences attracted 90 participants.

Since 1993 the organization was taken over by a large group of developers
and users living in Milan. The '93 edition was attended by more than 150
people, grown up to 220 in 1994.

About this year's conference

IPISA'95 will be held Saturday November 18, 1995, in the Conference Hall
of the Centro Universitario ISU (via Valvassori Peroni 21 Milano).

Here is a tentative list of the talks and papers (unless otherwise
specified both are in Italian).

Manuel Lemos - Upper Design (Madrid, Spain)
Objection: a object-oriented class system for developing object-oriented
portable applications (Amiga, POSIX-OS and X-Window System are supported).
Both the talk and the papers are in english.

Michele Battilana - Cloanto (Italia)
A perspective of alternative and complementary technologies to the Amiga

Paolo Canali
Development of a bridge controller PCI 2.0 - Amiga MC68020/30

Rocco Coluccelli
MOOS: an Arexx based modular programming system for application sharing

Gabriele Falcioni e Stefano Guarnieri
Visual Neurocomputing: Neural Networks and visual tools for their
creation, training and use.

Vincenzo Gervasi
EUNice: a framework for object-oriented programming in Amiga E

Alberto Longo - Fields of Vision software design (Italia)
Breathless, a DOOM clone for Amiga: technical analysis, problems and
solutions about texture mapping

Giuseppe Ligorio
A set of libraries for compressing IFF-ILBM images, IFF-8SVX sounds and
Protracker modules

Michele Puccini - ClassX (Italia)
XFA: a freeware library for fast animation playback and IFF-XFA format

Riccardo Solmi
NetMail: an Internet mail reader

Alessandro Tasora
Phenomena: a RPL-Forth package extending Real 3D capabilities

Federico Zuccollo
Media Library: a modular file system

A complete lunch will be served in the ISU refectory.

Attendants will receive the Conference Proceedings, consisting of:
- professionally printed documentation
- some floppy disks

The disks and the CD-ROM will contain, talks-related software, PD and
shareware software and demo versions of commercial programs.

The fees are:

- meeting admission (including lunch)..............................US$ 35
- Conference Proceedings for non-participants (sent by air mail)...US$ 35
Note well:

To join the meeting, you need to book in advance before November, 1 1995 by
sending e-mail to one of the addresses listed below. (Sergio Ruocco) (Roberto Attias) (Marco Zandonadi)

Fees can be paid at the entrance.

For additional informations please write to:

Sergio Ruocco
Via Di Vittorio 4
I-20019 Settimo Milanese