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                   (613)744-4340, 24hrs, 1200-14,400bps     *o    **     o*
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    Another Amiga*IBM BBS serving the Ottawa*Hull area.   *=====*    *======*
    SysOp: Apollo, Ron "Big Bear" Goddard,               *********************
    (Kitchi Maqua in Algonquin - Okwari-Okowa in Mohawk)      N A T I V E
                                                             N E T W O R K

 NativeNet =     Check out what's in the North American Native Network scene,
                 we also carry Ottawa CKCU's Spirit Voice local message base.

               Loc = Local Sections/Ottawa ONLY    NA = Native_Network

 1.       + NA-Canada Breakup            2.       + NA-Moderator
 3.       + NA-Art                       4.       + NA-Chat (General Chat)
 5.       + NA-Cree vs Hydro             6.       + NA-Education
 7.       + NA-Events                    8.       + NA-Geneology
 9.       + NA-History                  10.       + NA-Jobs
11.       + NA-Languages                12.       + NA-Literature
13.       + NA-Politic                  14.       + NA-Programs
15.       + NA-Questions&Answers        16.       + NA-Reservation Life
17.       + NA-SysOp                    18.       + NA-Trade
19.       + NA-Trivia                   20.       + NA-Veterans
21.       + NA-WoodLore                 22. (Loc) + 1st Nations Conf.
23. (Loc) + CKCU Spirit Voice           24. (Loc) + Government Indian Acts
25. (Loc) + Aborig. Women's Support Centre
26. (Loc) + Native Land Treaties        27. (Loc) + Native Expressions

I would like to take this oppurtunity to introduce Native_Network, the
Native North American news and Information network.  Native_Network is a
computer network dedicated to news, issues and cultural information
regarding North America's Indigenous populations.  This network is geared
toward any Native American/Canadian with access to a modem.

Although Native_Network was designated for and by Native-Americans,
non-natives with genuine concerns and interests in Native affairs are
welcomed to join in the numerous areas which most bulletin boards (BBS)
carry.  (see ad above)

Native_Network provides a wide range of topics and areas of interest.   For
the serious minded, you can find out the latest in Native legal affairs on
Nations battling the dominant society over concerns such as treaty rights,
land rights and international law or find out about current conditions on
reservatons and historical perspectives.

If you find the Net lacks something, please inform the local Sysop (system
operator of the bulletin board/BBS) you're calling.  Also call back from
time to time, as new things are added quite often.

For those looking for cultural material, Native_Network offers discussions
and information sharing/relating to tribal language(s), native stories,
poetry and legends.  You can also hookup and find out about upcoming
pow-wows, celebrations and gatherings and conferences.

Looking for resources!  Native_Network can help!  From education and grant
oppurtunities to listings and business development, Native_Network provides
direct links to trading, bartering and programs being developed to help
tribes help each other while becoming self-sufficient and increasing

Naturally, there are Conferences covering everything from Arts & Crafts to
political exchanges and cultural beliefs.  Informaton is available on
issues from the U.S., Canada, South America, Australia, Africa, and Europe.
Engage in intelligent and educational conversations with knowlegeable
people who not only know Native affairs, but also live them every day.

Native_Network is also a wonderful choice for schools, universities and the
media.  The current news and information is a welcomed addition to Native
studies because it provides an up-to-date of current affairs and what is
happening in Indian Country.  Outdated school books and primers can't
compare to today's

Native_Network DEPENDS ON YOU!  NATIVE-NET is also looking for new
informationfrom Indian Nations not currently using our network.  The more
informationand nations that utilize this network, the more productive and
informed our Native peoples can be.  Sharing information, relating to
cultural, legal matters, education, etc., will help to unite Native people
and provide a wider base of information to draw from.  Any ideas or
suggestions on this matter are greatly appreciated.

The Native_Network network is growing all the time and more and more
information is coming over the echos.  From Alaska to Florida, California
to New Jersey, Natives news is happening all the time.  For other BBS
around the country, see our Native BBS Phone Listing.  We have hopes of it
to double in the next six months with the help of the users.

If you are interested in hooking up with Native_Network, call our BBS (see
our ad above). 

ou will need a computer and modem of 1200 to 14,400 baud to call in.   Any
Amiga, IBM compatible PC or MacIntosh computers are accepted.

NATIVE-NETETWORK is coming in from Kanahwake Native Net Computer Systems
located in Kanahwake Mohawk Territory (Frosty Deere is the SysOp at this

NOTE: Native_Network is NOT an INTERNET based network.  IT is it's own
network corelating the reserves and other communities around the world.

Red Desert Native BBS (613)744-4340  InterNet:
Ron 'Big Bear' Goddard (Apollo)       FidoNet: 1:163/578.0   
Home of Ottawa's Native_Network       BWRDnet: 199:163/1.0
NativeNet: 90:163/1.0                   TCNet: 201:935/102.0