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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    September 8, 1995

PRESS CONTACT: Ellen Kazmaier

tel: 314-256-9595; fax: 314-256-9595


(St.  Louis) Soft-Logik Publishing(tm) will celebrate its tenth anniversary
on September 11th.  In an industry where companies appear and disappear
seemingly overnight, Soft-Logik products have become fixtures on the
shelves of Amiga and Atari computer owners.

Soft-Logik introduced Publishing Partner for Atari in 1986, and it was
hailed as the most powerful desktop publishing program of its time.  The
industry's leading magazine called it a "knockout program".  Publishing
Partner grew into PageStream and was released for Amiga in 1989.  It soon
became the number one selling DTP program for both Amiga and Atari

In 1994, Soft-Logik released PageStream 3.0 for Amiga, a completely new
program which set a new standard for features and value.  Version 3.1 is
scheduled for release later this year and will be a free update for owners
of PageStream 3.0.

Today, Soft-Logik sells a wide range of Amiga software, including
PageStream and TypeSmith.  Soft-Logik is the exclusive North American
publisher of Digita's Wordworth, Organizer and Datastore.


New versions of PageStream for Macintosh and Windows are in development.
The Macintosh and PowerMacintosh versions will be released later this year,
and the Windows95 and WindowsNT version is scheduled for the second quarter
of next year.  A new Amiga version is also planned for next year.

Soft-Logik president Deron Kazmaier said "PageStream has become the #1
Amiga and Atari DTP program by being the best program available.  The
Macintosh and Windows markets have entrenched market leaders, but our
extensive experience as a pioneer in the DTP field will help us succeed
where recent Mac DTP newcomers have failed."


Soft-Logik Publishing is pleased to announce that it has lowered the
upgrade price for PageStream3.  The standard upgrade price from previous
versions has been changed from $135 to $95.  A new $60 option is being
added for those on a budget.

The $60 version does not include a printed manual or Pantone(R) color
libraries, both of which are included with the standard $95 version.
PageStream3 includes the most comprehensive AmigaGuide help system of any
Amiga program, so it's easy to use even without a printed manual.  Printed
startup instructions are included.

This price change will help increase PageStream3's user-base so that
Soft-Logik can continue development of this important Amiga program.  A
continuous stream of new users is essential, and the new upgrade price will
allow more people than before to use the latest version.

Owners of PageStream 1.0 to 2.2 Amiga, excluding the new SE version, are
eligible for the new upgrade price.

Purchasers of PageStream 3.0 will receive a free upgrade to 3.1 when it is
released later this year.


To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Soft-Logik is re-releasing PageStream
2.2, the best-selling desktop publishing program for Amiga and Atari
computers.  Bundled with a new 90 page manual, PageStream 2.2 SE will
probably top the sales charts again at its incredible new price.
PageStream 2.2, which originally had a suggested retail price of $299.95
will now sell for just $39.  The new lower price will help bring desktop
publishing to people who couldn't previously afford a professional quality
DTP program.

Readers of Britain's "CU Amiga" magazine will receive a free copy of
PageStream 2.2 with their October issue cover disk.  They can purchase the
full program disk set with all of its fonts and the manual for 24.95 pounds

PageStream 2.2 SE is the perfect choice for owners of older Amiga and Atari
computers.  Its minimum system requirements are 1.5MB of RAM, 1 floppy
drive (2 for Atari), and AmigaDOS 1.3 or any version of TOS.

Purchasers of PageStream 2.2 SE Amiga who wish to upgrade in the future can
apply the entire purchase price towards the purchase of PageStream3.

PageStream 2.2 SE for Amiga and Atari will be available in late October.
Orders are being accepted now.


Digita is working on an exciting new version of Wordworth that will include
style tags, ARexx, true footnotes, improved tables, faster editing and

There's no reason to wait for the next version because Soft-Logik has
lowered the North American price of the current version.  The Soft-Logik
direct price for owners of other Soft-Logik programs has been lowered from
$120 to $99.  The new price at which anybody can order direct, and the
suggested street price, has been lowered from $135 to $110.  This is a
limited time price!


Not everybody needs all the features of Wordworth 3.1, that's why Digita
created Wordworth SE.  Amiga Format gave it their Gold Award and said it
has "all the best bits of 3.1 at a bargain price." The SE version has been
optimized to run on a 2MB Amiga with AmigaDOS 2.04 or better, with or
without a hard drive.

Wordworth 3.1 SE will be available in North America in October at the
incredibly low price of just $49.  This rock-bottom price will help
everybody afford this popular word processor.  Owners of 3.1 SE can upgrade
to the full version of 3.1 for just $59.  Orders for SE are being accepted


Now Amiga owners can get the best desktop publisher and the best word
processor for the price of a new game!  For just $69, Amiga owners can get
PageStream 2.2 SE and Wordworth 3.1 SE together.  This is the best Amiga
software value today, and is sure to be a popular combination in the months
ahead.  Orders for the SE bundle are being accepted now.


Soft-Logik has also decreased the North American price of Organizer. 
Organizer has been one of Soft-Logik's top-selling programs since its
introduction in the spring of this year.  Owners of other Soft-Logik
applications can order it directly from Soft-Logik for just $75, while
other customers can order it for $85.


Wordworth owners can save money by getting friends to purchase Wordworth
3.1.  If your friends mention you when ordering, they will pay our best
price which we normally reserve for owners of Soft-Logik programs.  In
return, we'll give you $20 off your next Soft-Logik application purchase.

PageStream3 owners can save money by getting friends to upgrade to
PageStream3, or to purchase PageStream3.  If your friends mention you when
ordering, they will pay our best price which we normally reserve for owners
of Soft-Logik programs.  In return, we'll give you $25 off your next
Soft-Logik application purchase.

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PS: Watch for another exciting announcement later this month!

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