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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
September 12, 1995

One of North America's largest Amiga-only companies just got bigger.  
Wonder Computers, Inc.  not only expanded their corporate headquarters and
added a new multimedia dealership to their arsenal, but has formed Lazarus
Engineering, a development arm dedicated to the creation and refinement of
Amiga products.

WCi's new headquarters keep the company based in Ottawa, but creates 3,000
extra square feet for the expanding administrative office needs of the
company.  The former HQ will continue to be used as a retail outlet, with
larger floor space, more storage, and a full-time Amiga lab for classroom
activities run by WCi's Information Technologies division.

Coming off the heels of a successful showing at AmiJAM '95 in Western 
Canada, Wonder Computer has opened its fifth Amiga dealership in 
Vancouver, British Columbia.  Tim McGuire, formerly manager of Wonder's
Montreal store, has relocated to manage the new operation.  With the
addition of the Vancouver store, Wonder Computers occupies 13,000 square
feet of Amiga-only business nationwide.

In order to meet the demands of the global Amiga marketplace, Wonder 
Computers decided to add a new product development division to the team.  
Dubbed Lazarus Engineering, and lead by industry veteran Steve Cockwell, 
the division will bring the talents of such well-known developers as 
Steve Tibbett to the Amiga consumer.  In addition to original, in-house
projects, Lazarus is hard at work revamping and improving the product 
line WCi purchased from New Horizons Software last spring.  Popular 
packages such as Flow, QuickWrite, and DesignWorks are being brought 
up to the standards of the latest Amiga operating system as well as 
improved to compete in today's marketplace.

Under the ministrations of Amiga Technologies, the Amiga marketplace has 
a changing face.  Wonder Computers, Inc. is taking the steps necessary to 
ensure that Amiga users worldwide are prepared for the future and 
are supported in their needs today.

Wonder Computers, Inc. is a privately held corporation.

Contact: Mark Habinski, President and CEO:
         Jason Compton, Promotional Director,,