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  Torsten Hiddessen

  URL:   html://


  This package contains 13 new Hight-Quality Magic-Backgrounds for
  use with Martin  Huttenloher's MagicWB. I created 40 backgrounds
  before - this is the fifth release.

  I always tried to create patterns wish have no visible borders and
  can be repeated without looking trivial. I didn't want to be one of
  the authors wo put a dozen copies of the same pattern into an
  archive - just with different colors or with serveral figures drawn
  on it. I think thats not worth downloading...

  This time all backgrounds were taken from several photos. I
  processed the raw-material with ADPro 2.5.0 and finished it with
  DPaint 4.5, pixel by pixel - serveral days of work.

  Result: the best backgrounds available (IMHO)! 
  Additionaly I have included two classic Boot-Pictures and two
  older backgrounds which fit very well into this package ;-)


  In order to use this collection you will need:

  * An AMIGA ;-) with at least Kick 2.0+ (3.0 recommended)

  * A properly installed MagicWB of Martin Huttenloher
    or (under WB 2.0/2.1) NickPrefs

  * If you want to use a boot picture, you need a program like
    PicBoot V2.7

  * Internet access - so you can send me e-mail to REGISTER!


  Magic-Backgrounds are available on any Aminet mirror in 'pix/mwb'
  or on my WWW-page

  My previous releases were freeware - I just asked to send me comments
  by e-mail. So far, only a few nice guys (around 12) send me mail.
  BUT: I know that very much people use my backgrounds everywhere:
  on their Workbench, with MUI, inside DEMOS, on WWW-pages,...

  Therfore I decided to publish seven of 13 backdrops crippled:
  they are marked with a cross. You will receive a peronalised
  package if you register.


  Shareware ($7/10DM).