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From: Mike Smithwick <>


There has been a very slight ripple in the force about 10 days ago.  I
received my latest accounting sheet from my publisher, Virtual Reality
Labs, and it was the first time NO Distant Suns/Amiga were sold.  Zilch,
NULL, nada.  .  .


VRLI no longer plans any further support for Distant Suns, although a
smaller company, Chaocity, has picked up the Amiga line of products and
have my source code for possible future versions.

I want to thank all of you fine folks out there, customers, friends, fans
of AmigaTrek, etc.  As even the diehards start to wistfully consider the
possiblity of moving over to PCs I might suggest that you consider the
Distant Suns legacy.  Two months ago the third generation of Distant Suns
was released, called First Light.  This is currently a windows product
only, but I think it's a damn good one.

Thanks guys and gals, it's been fun.

You can reach Chaocity via  Clint Woeltjen is
the big cheese there, and is continuing Amiga development.