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                            TERMITE 1.10 NOW AVAILABLE!

Some of the NEW features in 1.10:

* Built in ZMODEM protocol

    The XPR ZMODEM library is no longer required for ZMODEM transfers.  
    The functionality of the XPR ZMODEM library has been written into
    Termite, with portions hand-optimized in assembly language for speed.

    The built-in ZMODEM code also takes special measures to avoid dumping
    binary "garbage" characters on your terminal, in the event of an
    aborted transfer.

* Improved emulation

    Termite now offers two built-in emulations: ANSI & VT102.  The new
    ANSI emulator is much more complete and robust, and has been
    extensively tested with the most complex ANSI screens we could

    The VT102 emulator is ideal for use with UNIX or VMS dialup
    accounts, and can completely replace the XEM VT340 library for most
    users purposes.  Both of the built-in emulations have mouse-based 
    cut-and-paste functionality.

* Jump scrolling

    Both of the built-in emulations offer the ability to "jump scroll".
    Instead of scrolling the screen one line at a time, Termite 
    monitors incoming serial data and scrolls up multiple lines at
    a time, for a huge speed increase.

* Multitasking review buffer

    You can now use the terminal and review buffer simultaneously!

* Enhanced chat window

    The chat window now maintainss a resizable "history", which keeps 
    track of the text you have sent.  A single click on a line in the 
    history brings it up for editing.  A double click on a history 
    line instantly resends it.

* New dialer

    The dialer has been almost completely rewritten, although it 
    still visually appears the same.  The "Cancel" button is now
    available at virtually any point during the dialing process.
    Dial monitoring can be toggled for each individual phonebook

* Predefined palettes

    The screen settings requester now provides buttons which allow 
    you to switch between ANSI, RIP, and Termite default color palettes 
    with the click of a button.  

* Review buffer filter

    Optional filtering of ANSI codes out of the review buffer.

* New macro capability

    You can now launch an ARexx script via a macro.

* New button bar icons

    Sporting a cleaner default palette, Termite 1.10 offers a
    revised selection of button bar images, which occupy less than half 
    the disk space of the previous images.

* New button bar functions

    Settings requesters can now be accessed from the button bar.

* Compatibility with previous configuration files

    Termite 1.10 will read your old 1.00 prefs and phonebook files without 
    any sort of conversion program, although you'll probably want to 
    browse through the settings menus anyway, to make sure you're getting 
    the most out of Termite's new features.

* Ignore file overwrite warnings

    "This file exists, overwrite it?" warning messages can be optionally 
    turned off, for the benefit of expert users.

* Ignore serial errors

    Optionally disable reporting of serial errors.  Termite will just 
    drop the offending data bytes instead.

* New and revised ARexx commands

    "SerExpand" is now "Send".  New commands, including "AppendCapture".

* New manual

* New quick reference card

    Quick reference card that explains the suggested usage of the default
    button bar images.

* Recoverable alerts fixed

    All known instances of recoverable alerts have been fixed.

* Much more...

    Many many little tweaks and improvements, for a leaner, 
    meaner Termite!

The price for registered users to upgrade is:

    US$10.00 for a new disk and the quick reference card, or
    US$15.00 for a new disk, the quick reference card, and second edition 

    There is also a US$2.00 shipping/handling fee.

(Note: Some copies of Termite 1.00 already have the second edition manual.
       Check the copyright page of your manual to make sure.)

 To order, or for more information, contact:

 Oregon Research
 16200 SW Pacific Hwy, Suite 162
 Tigard, OR 97224

 tel: 503-620-4919
 fax: 503-624-2940