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     Amiga CDROM Guide




     Anders Bakkevold. (


     Amiga CDROM Guide (ACDG) was made to help Amiga-owners
     to pick the right CDROM for their needs. It doesn't
     include commecial games or photoCD-discs, but all Amiga
     PD/clipart/fonts/modules collections.

     - It is in the Amigaguide-format.

     - You will find all the vital information on a CDROM, like
       price, contents, publisher etc.

     - Covers 157 CDROMs

     - 70+ of the CDROMs have a review

     - If you're interrested in for instance raytracing, click
       on the keyword "Raytracing" to get a list of all CDROMs
       that can be assosiated with ratracing.

     - Other keywords: Clipart, fonts, pictures, utilities,
       GNU, text-files, fish etc

     - It's up-to-date with the latest CDROM releases.


     - 28 CDROMs added:
       Aminet 6
       Da Capo
       Fresh Fish 9
       Freshfonts 2
       Sex CDROM no.1
       Sex CDROM no.2
       Sex CDROM no.3
       Magic Illusions
       Amiga Tools 2
       Lechner Collection
       N.T.W.I.C.G. 2
       Scenic Views
       Aminet 7
       Ten on Ten
       Groliers Encyclopedia
       The EPIC Collection
       Multimedia Mania
       Pro WB Backdrop Collection
       Frozenfish (Aug 95)
       CBM 64 Sensations
       Fresh Fish 10
       Speccy Sensations 2
       Hottest Amiga Demos
       Shuttle Encyclopedia
       Internet Info Vol 2

     - A new field: Access Software, which describes
       search utilities and index files included
       on CDROMs.
     - You can now tell from the listing of all the
       CDROMs wether the CDROM includes Amiga software
       or is just a PC CDROM  -  support the Amiga!
     - Other CDROM material, like CD-Write is also
     - A lot of minor enhacements has been made.
     - Some faulty information corrected, and more
       prices and reviews added.


     You will need a program able to display Amigaguide
     files, like Multiview or xkpGuide.


     Amiga CDROM Guide is available from any Aminet site,
     for instance: (60523b)


     Amiga CDROM Guide is freeware.


     Amiga CDROM Guide v1.2 is copyright 1995 Anders Bakkevold.
     All rights reserved. You may copy it as you like, as
     long as no changes are made to the archive, and you
     don't charge more than œ2.00 for the media and
     copying fees.