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==                         News & Press Releases                         ==

       IPISA '95         The Italian Amiga conference

    NA Amiga Dist.       The situation as it stands

   Soft-Logik's 10th     The company celebrates a decade

      Native Net         A Native American BBS network

     Distant Suns        Poor sales transfers publication

    Wonder Expands       WCi increases the scope of its operations

 Wonder signs Compton    AR's editor gets a job

  AMG Gets Web Pages     The publishers of VTU on the WWW

    ShadowStart 1.3      Selective startup utility

      DoIcon 1.6         Icon information manipulator

    HTML-Heaven 1.2      The HTML authoring suite

 Chris's Button Strip    HTML toolkit for Final Writer

   Amiga CDROM Guide     A comprehensive CD-ROM catalog

     Termite 1.10        The terminal program upgrade

     Twist 2 Demo        Relational database demo

   ShapeShifter 3.2      The shareware Mac emulator

   Magic-Backgrounds     A collection of MWB patterns

    Opinion      Articles      Reviews      Charts      Adverts