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                              IFA FAIR REPORT
  Jason Krüger                   

[Again taken from comp.sys.amiga.misc.  The below is the quoted question
that prompted this report. -Jason]

JS-> Did Amiga Technologies present the Amiga on IFA fair in Berlin?
JS-> Are there any reports available?

Yes, they did!  But they shared their presentation area with commodore pcs,
that's why their actual stand was relatively small.  They presented, I
guess, 6 Amigas, 4x 1200 and 2x 4000.  I didn't see any Towers!  But on the
4000 Desktop Computer I recognized a "4000T" Sign.  On the A 1200 they
presented the workbench (I think it was a 4 colour one).  Very awfully!  On
one 4000 the showed a Dino-Animation, on the other high grade Amiga I think
they presented Scala.  Beside the Amigas, there were dozens of Commodore
Pentium PCs!  And, yes, there were prospects about the Amiga Clone DraCo.

Very disappointing, hum?

The only positive features were the nice A1200 and A4000T prospects.

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