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  Marco Dufour                              

           Press Conference - Milano  (SMAU) - 21/9/95

           report from Marco Dufour - Computer Gazette

Today (21/9/95) at 11:30 AM, in the C Conference hall of the SMAU computer
fair in Milano (Italy), Amiga Technologies and Giunti Multimedia revealed
their strategies for the future of the Amiga in Italy and the rest of the

There were more than 30 journalists from various magazines (Amiga Magazine,
Enigma Amiga Run, Amiga Byte, Computer Gazette, PC Magazine, MicroComputer
etc.); they all waited for the good news: THE AMIGA IS BACK!

Ok, who is Giunti Multimedia?
Giunti is one of the oldest Editorial group here in Italy.  Three years ago
Giunti and Albino Bertoletti (Ex CEO of Commodore Italiana) founded Giunti
Multimedia.  Since then they published more than 42 CD titles for CDTV,
CD32, CDI, CD-Rom.

During the first week of September Giunti Multimedia agreed to be the
exclusive italian distributor for the Amiga range products.  They also
distribute the spectacular I-glasses, the new Virtual Reality experience by

The meeting was a success and everybody seemed satisfied (...  the
prices...  a bit too high ...)

Amiga in Italy:

Obviously this was the most important subject of the meeting.

The production is on the way and we should see the "new" Amiga 1200 and
A4000 Tower very soon.  Petro Tyschtschenko confirmed that on the 11th of
september the first NEW Amiga was born in Bordeaux.  That's a good news
because it means they found all the pieces to make it, and be sure it
hasn't been a simple task!  By the way this means that the product will be
on the shelves in the very near future (firt week of october, they say).

The "new" Amiga 1200 has the same specs of the old one produced by
Commodore.  They had to do that because they wanted to get the Christmas
sales.  The good news is that it will have a serious Bundle wiht Wordworth
4, Personal Paint, Scala MM 300 and other good stuff.  The bad news is that
it will have a mere two MB of memory.  Well, you can buy the new Blizzard
1260 (Phase 5) and have a truly workstation for less than 3000 Dmarks!

 The A1200 + kit costs 1.150.000 Lires VAT incl.
 The A1200 + kit + 170 HD costs 1.450.000 Lires VAT incl.
 The new A4000 Tower costs 5.890.000 Lires VAT incl.  (68040/25MHz, 6 MB of
ram and 1 giga HD - SCSI II)

Amiga Technologies also showed the new Multisynch monitor.  It's the
Microvitec, a good monitor compatible with 15 KHz and 31 KHz frequences.  
This means it's compatible with A500 and A1200 too.  The price of the
monitor is set to 750.000 Lires VAT incl.


During the meeting were introduced in Italy the fantastic I-glasses!  The
speaker, Denis Premiski, told that there are planned 25.000 units for
Europe.  He claimed it's the Virtual Reality tool for the masses.  There
will be a special Amiga bundle with specific Amiga drivers.


NewTek is back on the Amiga!  They were undecided where to produce only the
PC version of the Video Toaster and LightWave but then Amiga Technologies
convinced them to continue supporting the Amiga.  That's good, expecially
for american users

The new monitor from Amiga Tech.  is the old but good MicroVitec.  On
october the 10th, Amiga Technology will have a party to welcome the new
Amigas on the market.  It will take place in Bordeaux, France.  There will
be an Internet Package, with Modem and programs.  More news about that in
the near future.

The next generation Amigas (faster processor and better graphics) will be
introduced at CeBit (Hannover fair, March 1996).


Like in Frankfurt, last May, I felt Escom and Amiga Technologies are doing
the best they can to bring back the Amiga.  We, as users and fan of the
Amiga, should let them know our support and our thinking of what future
Amigas and current should be.

Why not, for example, put an High Density drive inside the A1200?  It's not
a technical problem and the advantages are great!

In my humble opinion I can't tell what's right and what's wrong, expecially
before I see the final product (weren't we expecting a greeny Tower?). 
Let's hope all the promises will be mantained and the prices lowered.

"Amiga, What You Want Is What You Get!" - Petro Tyschtschenko


   Marco Dufour