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  Steve Crietzman                     

In early September, Steve had a 20 minute conversation with Sajjad Majid,
Head of Developer Support UK.

These are the points that came out of the conversation, reported by Steve.

-Developer Support is still incomplete - (yep, I was told to fax Dr Peter
 Kittel -- I'd hate(/love :) to have his job at a time like this..)

-Escom AG has evidentally not given AT the kind of money they need.
 However, after sales between now and Christmas, they hope to launch an
 agressive marketing campaign (referring to M$ and IBM as examples of such,
 convincing users Win95 was the best and only multitasking OSs, even though
 it isn't..)

-AT plan possibility of marketting the fact that the Aniga can happily
 multitask within 2 Meg of memory, compared to Win95's 8Mb minimum, 16Meg

-The image of the Amiga in the UK they aim to change from a games machine
 into a serious, low-cost multimedia platform.  (Not necessarily the cost
 of the machine, but the cost of maintaining a comfortable one.  Eg Win95
 may set you back hundreds on upgrading your memory, as an example.
 More and more apps on the PC requiring Win95 thus memory, plus a Pentium,
 and the high cost of PC apps alone).

-The A1300 is still in the production stage (naturally, but at least this
 confirms it).  An 030-equipped Amiga with 4Mb of RAM seems the current
 specification, plus RISC-based and CDROM-equipped Amigas under

-Developer Support looks likely to exist in two forms - one for
 PD/Shareware, where you pay 50 and receive includes, support utilities,
 help etc all on one CD-ROM.  This is in contrast to C='s policy of
 charging 75+ for registration, 25 for the includes, and extras for their
 individual CDROM title with all this already on it, etc.

-The other, for commercial developers, which includes full technical support.

-A MORE OPEN APPROACH TO AMIGA USERS!  AT-UK will not close their telephone
 lines to Amiga users any longer as C= did.  They welcome feedback and
 suggestions from the users.

-This also means users can give suggestions to AT for future machines, not
 just developers.  Rather than C='s style "This is what you want, go and
 buy it" (the CDTV is a deadly example), AT will take more of a
 questionaire-style approach and _ask_ Amiga users what they would like to

-A1200 pack to include no games (not suicide, but rather an attempt to push
 the serious multimedia-multitasking ability of the Amiga to the user, plus
 giving them applications to get them started straight away.  I've been
 waiting for a serious full-hearted attempt to do this from C= UK for
 years, but their holding on to the games packs obviously show they were
 not willing to take the plunge).

-400UKP price tag (approx.  US$640 at current exchange rate) is realistic,
 and will gain support of dealers looking to increase their profits (last
 part taken from an earlier Usenet posting, not actually mentioned by
 Sajid).  Due to high initial costs of choosing a new production plant, new
 headquarters, employment and wages of new engineers, support people,
 managers etc, holding press conferences/press releases, etc, this IS
 realistic.  Profits will be spent on marketing/advertising when the money
 is availible.

This is from "the horse's mouth" as it were.  Statements are those of Amiga
Technologies' Sajid Majid, not my own (except for comments and critisms
that follow).

Make of it what you will, it could all be bull or there could be more truth
in there.  As it appears to make sense, I tend to believe a lot of work is
going on behind the scenes, for the benefit of the Amiga.  Here's hoping
I'm right..
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