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==  compt.sys.editor.desk                          By:  Jason Compton   ==

Hey!  Guess what!

No, I don't have a new 4000T on my desk just yet.  But I DO have a paying
job in the Amiga field.  Actually, two of them.

This summer I spent a couple of weekends in Canada (as those of you who
have read my show reports will know.)  Wonder Computers figured pretty
prominently at those shows, and along the course of the shows, I found that
I was being offered a job as Promotional Director for Wonder Computers,
Incorporated.  I could work at home as a sort of consultant, set my own
hours, keep doing just what I'm doing for Amiga Report, and help an
expanding Amiga company.

It sounded pretty good to me.  So I took the job.  So, here I am, Editor in
Chief of Amiga Report who also happens to be Promotional Director of Wonder
Computers, Inc.  And an assistant conference moderator on BIX.  (I could
have mentioned that a few months ago when I got the job, but it never
seemed relevant.  But while I'm on this kick, I may as well lay everything
out on the table.)

Mark Habinski, CEO of Wonder, and I made Amiga Report's relationship to
Wonder pretty clear.  In short, there is none.  Yes, that's right, Amiga
Report and my employers have nothing to do with each other.  And there's a
good reason for that.

When Mark (and Joanne Dow, head moderator of the Amiga Exchange on BIX)
approached me, it was my work on AR that brought them to me in the first
place.  They must have liked something, and I'd like to think it was my
ability to be very open and honest, and keep it that way.  And I have, and
will continue, to keep it that way.

In short, the only noticable effect on AR will be the fact that, since more
Wonder Computers press releases are being written, they'll be showing up
here, as do any industry press releases I get my hands on.  It's just that
in this case I'll be writing a lot of them.  Just in case anybody might get
the wrong idea, I won't be reviewing any WCi-released software.  I would
personally feel comfortable doing it, but wouldn't want to generate any
suspicion.  It will be passed along to reviewers who know better than to
temper their judgement. :)

Wonder felt that they would be well served having me onboard for this very,
uh, interesting time in the Amiga market.  I thought it would be
interesting being onboard.  Similarly, Joanne thought I would be
interesting to have around BIX, and I'm interested in hanging around.  My
first love, as it were, is Amiga Report, and doing the job I've been doing
HERE for the past 2 years.  I have only my record, and my promise, to
convince you that a little prosperity (we're not talking about full-time
jobs here) does not breed evil.

<sigh> That was refreshing.  Now, to business!

"Better late than never" seems to be the theme recently.  All of a sudden,
the floodgates of news from Amiga Technologies have been opened a bit.  We
have news and interviews coming from the UK, Switzerland, and Italy.  North
America actually has a distributor, but our Australian cousins are still
shut out.

When I called Ed Goff's office to discuss the North American distribution
situation, I didn't make it past his secretary (he asked her to talk with
me.) Essentially, I know just as much as they do right now, as both they
and SMG, the North American distributor, are waiting on official
announcement of the distribution situation from the home office in
Bensheim.  And so we wait...

Read on, and you'll see that AT has quite a travel agenda planned.  A pity
it's all in Europe, but at least it's a press conference.