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Hi-Tech Component Distributors Inc-makers of the SX-1!

Hi-Tech has an all-new production run of the SX-1 Expansion Module for the
Amiga CD32 available.

The SX-1 adds a SIMM slot (expandable to 8 megabytes of RAM), internal and
external IDE hard drive controllers, a PC/AT keyboard connector, serial,
parallel, and floppy drive ports, as well as an audio mixing port to the
CD32.  In addition, the new Hi-Tech models have an improved, more stable
edge connector.

The SX-1 base unit is available for US$200.  In addition, a 170 megabyte
internal 2.5 inch IDE hard drive is available for a mere US$69 with
purchase of the base SX-1 unit.  (Regular price is US$89)

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