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Press kit London

Amiga Technologies will hold a press confence, a dealer meeting and a
developer meeting on the 16th and 17th of August, 1995.  The Amiga press
as well as the national press will attend the first event organized by the
new Amiga Technologies GmbH.  Dealers and developers will be able to hear
current status, plans and projects from Amiga executives.

The conference will take place at the Sheraton Heathrow Hotel,

The occasion will be used the introduce the virtual I-Glasses in the UK for
the first time.

Agenda Press, Dealer and Developer meeting, London, 16-17/08/95

16/08/95        Press meeting. Moderated by Jonathan Anderson

        15:30 - 16:00           Registration & Demo I-Glasses
        16:00 - 16.05           Greetings Petro Tyschtschenko
        16:05 - 16:25           Amiga distribution UK (J. Smith)
        16:25 - 16:45           Virtual I-Glasses presentation (Premiski)
        16:45 - 17:05           Break I-Glasses demo to the attendance
        17:05 - 17:35           Presentation Amiga Technologies (PTY)
        17:35 - open end        Questions & Answers.

17/08/95 AM     Dealer meeting Moderated by John Smith

        08:30 - 09:00           Registration & Demo I-Glasses
        09:00 - 09:05           Greetings Petro Tyschtschenko
        09:05 - 09:25           Amiga distribution UK (J. Smith)
        09:25 - 09:45           Virtual I-Glasses presentation (Premiski)
        09:45 - 10:05           Break - I-Glasses demo to the attendance
        10:05 - 10:35           Presentation Amiga Technologies (PTY)
        10:35 - 12:00           Questions & Answers. Demo Glasses

17/08/95 PM     Developper meeting Moderated by Jonathan Anderson

        14:00 - 14:30           Registration & Demo I-Glasses
        14:30 - 14.35           Greetings Petro Tyschtschenko
        14:35 - 14:55           Amiga distribution UK (J. Smith)
        14:55 - 15:15           Virtual I-Glasses presentation (Premiski)
        15:15 - 15:35           Break I-Glasses demo to the attendance
        15:35 - 16:05           Presentation Amiga Technologies (PTY)
        16:05 - open end        Questions & Answers.

"The spoken word applies"

Speech Petro Tyschtschenko

We are pleased to be here in the UK, one of our most important markets, to
have the opportunity to talk directly to the Amiga press.  We will talk to
our dealers and the developers tomorrow.  We know that this press meeting
should have taken place earlier.  Please understand that we were very busy.
We have set up the operations and the material for production.  During this
time, we have achieved many things.  Let's talk about this now.

Some of you surely know how long and difficult the takeover of Commodore
was and how much this one year of latency hurt the Amiga market.  Building
up everything again was also a difficult task for us.  Especially the
financial and logistic situation.  Without the support from our
mothercompany ESCOM AG, nothing would have been possible.  We actually
revived the Amiga in two important steps: First by acquiring the assets of
the former Commodore for more than 10 million Dollars secondly by starting
it up again, which requested again several times the initial investment. 
Other main difficulties we encountered were to get specific parts and
components for production.  D-RAMs are on allocation, Amiga keyboards,
floppies and SCSI harddrives have long lead times.  Tailor made parts are
difficult to get and they cost more than in the old Commodore times.

Our first objective was to get Amiga products back on the market as fast as
possible.  To achieve this goal in an acceptable time, we decided to build
the A1200 and A4000T without modifications.  We have however included the
new version 3.1 of the Operating System for the A1200.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please be aware that the A4000T allready is a
complete new product.  There have only been produced 200 units worldwide by
former Commodore.  There will not be modifications on the casing for this
year.  The design proposals that were presented in Frankfurt are only a
possibility for the models coming later.  Please be aware : If we had
decided to make enhancements immediately, there wouldn't have been machines
on the market for the Christmas season.  This decision does not mean in any
way that we are going to stop research and development.  Enhancements will
be made on current machines for sure.  I'll talk about this again later.

But now I would like to present you the actual status of our operations.

We are a german company located in Bensheim, 30 miles south of Frankfurt. 
Our production, assembling and material providers are located in Europe but
the world is our market.  Our team has grown tremendously to reach 39
people since May 31st, with the new addition of Virtual Products.

We are a flexible, agressive, motivated, transparent and dynamic team.  We
can react very quickly to new situations, we take our strategic decisions
faster than the competition does.

What is our team doing on distribution ?


John Smith already told you about the UK distribution.  One piece of
information you will surely be interested in is that ESCOM shops will carry
Amiga Computers in the United Kingdom.

The employees in these shops used to sell Amigas and we want to use their
store traffic again.  This will be an excellent additional sales tool to
spread Amigas in the UK.

We will also support the Amiga dealers who have the best knowledge of the
platform and who can provide excellent service to customers.

Distribution outside the UK.

The Sino market, which includes mainland China, Hong-Kong, Macao and Taiwan
is covered by our chinese joint-venture.

In North America, we already have installed a dealer network but are still
looking for a potential distributor.  Somebody who is willing to support
and invest in our product.  We are actually looking for a partner more than
just a distributor.


GOOD NEWS : We are still on schedule to produce Amigas for availability in

And even better news, we will have a real european manufactured product.

The Amiga 1200 will be produced in Bordeaux, France.  Our successful
negotiations with Solectron, one of the world leader of sub-contract
manufacturing, guarantees a european high quality standard.  Quality is
very important for us, we want to reduce defective returns to a minimum.
That's why we focused on Europe rather than far-east.

The Amiga 4000T motherboards will be produced in the United States, near
Philadelphia.  The units for Europe will then be assembled in the ESCOM
facilities in Germany.  The american units will be assembled in

We have made an agreement with a european monitor manufacturer.  He will
provide a monitor especially adapted to be used with the Amiga.  The
monitor is a high-quality multisync monitor that can scan horizontal
frequencies from 15 to 38 KiloHertz.  The plug of that monitor is also
adapted to the video output connector of the A1200 and A4000T.  I think
this is exactly what is needed for all Amiga resolutions.

As announced at our previous press conference, our plan is still to build
100 K A1200's and 20 K A4000T's until the end of this year.  These figures
are based on existing orders and on customer based forecasts.  I'm quite
sure that this gives us the assurance that the whole production will
actually be sold.  A large percentage of our A1200 production will be sold
alone in the UK.


The repair and spare servicing will be centralized in our service-centre in
Braunschweig, Germany, in coordination with the representation points in
each country.  The technical dealer support will also be handled here, as
well as the distribution for computers and monitors in Germany.

Our service plan is very simple : we don't repair, we only make components

Future plans, developments

As I promised before, I will now tell you about our future plans for
research & development.

First, we plan to enhance current models.  We are thinking of faster
processors and chip integration for the beginning.  We are going to
integrate the 68060 chip for the A4000T this year.  For the entry-level
model, we are looking at an external CD ROM addition and more RAM onboard
the bare units.

We are also planning to use the CD 32 concept for developments of
set-top-box systems.  The set-top-boxes will open new markets for Amiga
products.  Set-top-Boxes could be produced in variants for cable-TV,
satellite-TV and for telephone line communication and also be used for
home-shopping and home-banking.  I'm convinced that this market is
tremendous and will push the Amiga technology into millions of households.
Software publishers should be interested in writing software for such a
widely spread platform.  The Amiga architecture is optimaly suited for
set-top-systems because of its low demand for ressources like RAM or
processor power and because of its multitasking and realtime abilities, in
summmary, the Amiga is the most cost effective platform for set-top-boxes.

It is still under investigation which RISC platform will be used as basis
for the Amiga of the future.  At this point, we cannot say more about this
issue, thank you for your understanding.

IFA Berlin

From the 26th of August to the 3rd of September, we will be present
at the IFA, one of the biggest consumer fairs in Germany for TV,
communications and multimedia. 500 000 visitors are expected this year and
we use the occasion to make our comeback with the Amiga in Europe. Virtual
Products I-Glasses and Commodore will also be presented to our visitors.
May I point out that the Amiga version of the I-Glasses will be much
cheaper than the PC version because it doesn't require the VGA-to-composite
conversion box, since the Amiga 1200 already has a composite output.

Ladies an gentleman, I hope this event was informative and I hope inspiring
for you.  We are now at your disposition if there are any questions you
would like to ask us.  Thank You for your attention.

Amiga Technologies
Speech by John Smith

I Would like to add my welcome to everyone here today which of course is
the first public conference in the UK.

For those of you who possibly do not know me I am John Smith and I have
been appointed the UK Sales Manager for Amiga Technologies UK.

I was previously with Commodore for 7 years, the last 2_ years of them as
National Sales Manager.

You will observe from the Agenda that I will explain briefly about the
product we will be selling and through which channels we will be selling

I am obviously biased towards the Amiga - very happy to be selling it
again, and look forward to It's re-emergence and it gaining the recognition
it richly deserves.

However, I am fortunate in being able to sell other products along side the
Amiga that come from both inside and outside the Commodore branding.

The first of these, which is outside the Commodore brand, is Virtual
Reality product in the form of I-Glasses.  There will be two versions
available.  The first we can term the video version.  This type will work
with anything that has a composite video output - so it will obviously work
with Amiga but also Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation - your VHS video player

They act as a personal display screen and display the image equivalent to
that of an 80" screen in which you can be totally immersed.  In fact your
very own cinema!  You can see your games in 2D or 3D with games that have
support for I Glasses .  Films like Tommy from the WHO are currently being
produced especially in this 3D format.

The second version, the PC version has the additional head tracking system
with it and will therefore display not only in 3D but will allow you to
immerse yourself in your own virtual world.  It also gives surround sound
and these glasses weigh from only 8oz in total.  Very light and have been
ergonomically designed with members from the university of Edinburgh to
help avoid eye strain etc.  They are the only glasses we know of in fact
that are designed with spectacle wearers in mind.

The pack will come complete with games and be available during September.

We have Denis Premiski of Virtual Products with us today who will explain
more about the product and prospective market for I Glasses shortly.  Under
the Commodore Brand we will have available MS DOS PCs.  There will be an
initial special limited offering of a Pentium 60 mini tower multimedia at a
very competitive price.  It will come complete with Hard Drive, CD ROM, 8
megabytes of memory and software.

We will then launch the Commodore Golf series.  "GOLF" is a name that is
understood throughout Europe so we feel is a very acceptable name.  Our
minimum entry level will be the Pentium 75 and again will be a full
multimedia product including a quad CD ROM drive- sound card etc.  There
will also be a Pentium 100 version.  This product has been designed
exclusively for Commodore by Frog design and will be of top quality and

It will be supported with 12 months on site warranty.

There will also be a full compliment of Commodore branded peripherals like
quad speed CD drives - loud speakers -mice etc.  all colourfully packed and
competitively priced.

Back to Amigas

I will have available an excellent Amiga 1200 pack with software for the
end of September as the entry level machine and also a higher but very
competitively priced 170MB hard disk drive pack.

It will include productivity software like Database -Spreadsheet- Word
processing package- Paint package and games.

We will of course box it in our usual eye catching manner.

There will be the Amiga 4000/040 pack with a 1 Gigabyte hard drive and 6
megabytes of memory and later, during November a 4000/060 pack.  Top
quality software again will be included.

All Amigas will have the latest version of the operating system,version
3.1, which has been optimised to improve system performance.

I will also have a new Amiga multisync monitor that vertically scans from
15 to 38 Khz which will avail itself to all Amigas from A500 upwards that
have a RGB port..

Where will I sell them?

These products have various routes to market not least being through the
independent via the distributor.

Whilst we still have to dot Is and cross the T's we will have 2
distributors this side of Christmas .  Negotiations are almost complete. 
Looking to 1996 I propose one or possibly even up to two more distributors
around the main Christmas period.  These distributors obviously will
support the full range of our products and be cognisant of the Independents
requirements.  A higher percentage of the product available this Christmas
will go through the Independent channel.  As again we maintain support for
the loyalty they have shown throughout the ten years of Amiga.

It is my responsibility to sell our products here in the UK and also in
Australia, India, Malta and Israel.

High Street

The High street is of course also important to aiding our success and once
again we are very close to finalising contracts but expect to see our
product there through people like Comet and Tandy.  The high street has
changed somewhat since Amigas were last freely available because we do not
have Rumbelows anymore and have seen them replaced by Escom stores who
specialise in PC's and communication products.  It is envisaged that they
will sell our Amiga brand.


Value added resellers who specialise in the Audio visual arena and who give
us access to TV production companies and other niche markets are obviously
important for the Amiga 4000 product.  We will look to top companies like
Premier Vision, Scala, Pentre Technologies etc.  to fulfil this sector of
the market.


The corporate sector is an area that will be looked at with regards to MS
DOS product.  Personally, I only had a small contact with the PC arena
during my time at Commodore and I am of course aware of how quickly this
changes especially as Commodore has not sold PC's for over 3 years.  This
market will be addressed and we will probably look towards some kind of
joint support with the VAR,S to take this sector in hand.

We have already sold the majority of our production, it is now a question
of allocation and that transfers the pressure back to Petro.  Please ensure
we get all our product and importantly when we want it.

To summarise - Amiga is back, along with other new exciting products
available from the end of September.  We look forward to the Xmas period
and believe that between all of us we can make it a pleasurable and
profitable market once again.

On behalf of Amiga Technologies UK, Thank you for your attention!


Amiga Technologies at the IFA fair in Berlin

Bensheim, 15/08/95

From the 26th of August to the 3rd of September 1995, Amiga Technologies,
together with Virtual Products and Commodore, will be represented by a
booth (hall 26.A, booth 11) at the "Internationale Funkausstellung" (IFA)
fair in Berlin.  This will be the first time since the liquidation of
Commodore that Amigas will be presented officially to the public at a fair.

The Amiga 1200 and Amiga 4000T as well as the CD32 products will be
displayed in different configurations and running several applications. 
Amiga Technologies will be happy to accomodate third party developpers and
manufacturers at its booth to show the wide range of professional solutions
available for the Amiga computer.

The Amiga 1200 is the entry-level computer of the Amiga productline.  It
features 2 Megabyte of RAM, within which the Amiga operating System fully
multitasks.  The smart design of this computer allows animations and sound
in a perfect quality at a price never seen before.  Another advantage of
the Amiga 1200 is its expandability.  The user can gradually upgrade to
faster processors, more memory or larger harddrives.  The software bundle
included provides standard software needed for most tasks like Multimedia,
Wordprocessing, Spreadsheet, database and even the game players haven't
been forgotten with two excellent entertainment titles.

The Amiga 4000 T is the high-end model of the Amiga Line.  It features 6
megabytes of Memory with can be expanded to 18 megabytes onboard with
standard SIMMs and more using expansion cards.  It is fitted with a 540 Mb
or 1 Gb SCSI harddrive and has six 32 bit Expansion slots, inlined with
four ISA and two video slots.  Thanks to the wide choice of expansion cards
available on the market like 64 bit graphic boards, emulation boards,
multi-serial expansions or MPEG boards, the possibilities of the Amiga 4000
T are nearly unlimited.  The onboard SCSI interface allows the use of
popular standard SCSI devices like streamers, scanners, CD-ROM drives etc.
There is also a processor slot that can hold CPU accelerator cards for more
powerful processors like the new Motorola 68060.  Such a processor card
will be available for the Amiga 4000 T in November 1995.  The SCALA
multimedia authoring software will be shipped with every Amiga 4000T.
Together with this software, the Amiga 4000 T enables the user to do
professional multimedia presentations out of the box.

The CD 32 console, based on the AMIGA 1200 technology, is fitted with a
double-speed CD ROM drive.  The storage capacity of this media, combined to
the graphics and sound abilities of the Amiga gives an unmatched quality
for games and multimedia applications.

Contact :
Gilles Bourdin
Amiga Technologies
Berliner Ring 89
D-64625 Bensheim

Tel +49 6252 709 195
Fax +49 6252 709 520

Productivity, multimedia and entertainment Software to be bundled with
Amiga computers

Bensheim, 15/08/95

The Amiga 1200, fitted with a 170 Mb harddrive and two megabytes of RAM
will be bundled with the SCALA MM 300 Multimedia authoring software.  With
this combination, the user will be able to do high quality multimedia
presentations out of the box at the advantageous price of 499 UKP.  Some
well known Amiga productivity software packages will also be part of this

The A1200 is also available without harddrive but bundled with the
productivity software, except for SCALA at a price of 399 UKP.

The Amiga 4000T, fitted with a SCSI harddrive of 540MB or 1GB and 6 MB of
RAM will be available with SCALA MM 300.  This is the perfect package for
those who want to make professional-looking presentations in a quality
unmatched on any other system at that price.

Contact :
Gilles Bourdin
Amiga Technologies
Berliner Ring 89
D-64625 Bensheim

Tel +49 6252 709 195
Fax +49 6252 709 520